Opie Boero Imwinkelried's Videos (dance-tech) - dance-tech 2021-11-28T09:24:50Z https://www.dance-tech.net/video/video/listForContributor?screenName=3vnjizilrcnyn&rss=yes&xn_auth=no DIMANCHE ROUGE #10 Experimental Performances tag:www.dance-tech.net,2011-12-12:1462368:Video:157979 2011-12-12T23:08:39.519Z Opie Boero Imwinkelried https://www.dance-tech.net/profile/Imwinkelried <a href="https://www.dance-tech.net/video/dimanche-rouge-10-experimental-performances"><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="135" src="https://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/2177776776?profile=original&amp;width=240&amp;height=135" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br>DIMANCHE ROUGE #10<br></br> Experimental Performances<br></br> Video directed and edited by Cassandra Tytler shot by Thibaud Larrieu-Gibier<br></br> Multimedia, dance, video, sound, spoken word, installations<br></br> <br></br> Le Petit Bain, November 20th 2011, 17H-23H<br></br> <br></br> FREE ADMISSION<br></br> <br></br> For its 10th edition, Dimanche Rouge invites you to discover an evening… <a href="https://www.dance-tech.net/video/dimanche-rouge-10-experimental-performances"><br /> <img src="https://storage.ning.com/topology/rest/1.0/file/get/2177776776?profile=original&amp;width=240&amp;height=135" width="240" height="135" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br />DIMANCHE ROUGE #10<br /> Experimental Performances<br /> Video directed and edited by Cassandra Tytler shot by Thibaud Larrieu-Gibier<br /> Multimedia, dance, video, sound, spoken word, installations<br /> <br /> Le Petit Bain, November 20th 2011, 17H-23H<br /> <br /> FREE ADMISSION<br /> <br /> For its 10th edition, Dimanche Rouge invites you to discover an evening of experimental performances and a DJ afterparty on Sunday, November 20th, from 17H-23H. We are thrilled to announce that the 10th edition of Dimanche Rouge will be held again at Petit Bain, the new art space on the Seine. Since its inception in Feburary 2011, Dimanche Rouge has hosted 9 unique editions, featuring almost 200 artists coming from over 35<br /> countries.<br /> ►PERFORMANCES OF DETERMINED LENGTH<br /> 5pm<br /> Les Idiotes + Jeffrey Louis Reed (performance art, France/UK)<br /> Sonic Surgeon (sound art, France)<br /> Branko Miliskovic "The Song of a Soldier on Watch" (WW3 Lili Marlene) (live vocal performance art, Germany/Serbia)<br /> 6pm<br /> Jessica Hirst (multidisciplinary art, USA/Spain)<br /> Thomas Grill + Ugo Boscain, (sound, Austria/Italy)<br /> Aureline Roy (performance art, France)<br /> 7pm<br /> Florent Colautti +Justine Goussot (interactive dance/music, France)<br /> Arianne Foks (action, France)<br /> Damien Bourniquel + Matthieu Junquet (multimedia, France)<br /> <br /> 8pm<br /> Josiane Guitard Leroux (performance art, France)<br /> Meghann Snow (dance/drawing, USA)<br /> Théâtre Bouche d'Or/Marine Biton Chrysostome + Juliette Mézergues + Oriane Descout + El Kinki + Jérome Jousseaume (theater/music/video performance, France)<br /> <br /> ►PERFORMANCES OF UNDETERMINED LENGTH AND INSTALLATIONS<br /> Luísa Nóbrega (performance art, Brazil)<br /> Emma Rochester (video+drawing, Australia)<br /> Le Callimaque (live cinema/sound/visual installation, France)<br /> <br /> ►DJ AFTER PARTY<br /> Samirah (DJ) la pionnière du DJing en France!<br /> Protofuse (IDM live performance / Bitsquare records / France)<br /> <br /> + Where: Petit Bain, 7 Port de la Gare, 13th arrondissement (between Batofar and the Josephine Baker swimming pool)<br /> <br /> + How to get there: Metro line 6, station Quai de la Gare, Metro line 14 and RER C, station Bibliothèque François Mitterrand.For further details, please visit petitbain.org