Augmented Reality app @ Festival Panorama 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Panorama Aumentado |Augmented Panorama is a Augmented Reality Experience Lab @ Festival Panorama 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Panorama Aumentado creates a hidden media landscape that grows as the festival happens.

Use your smart phones to discover geolocated videos of performances and interviews with the dancetrchtvARapp on festival program, banners, posters, logos the facades of the theaters.

The lab explores the intersection of online video journalism and Augmented Reality technology, creating a mobile media experience during the festival. The lab works a hub to share with the community new ways of media production, distributions and interfacing. It explores potential of mobile augmented reality  technology to intervene and augment the festival  with digital content.

The audience uses smart phones or tablets to scan programs and posters of the festival  and theater facades to discover video layers with performance excepts, artists interviews and other contents created by a team of volunteers from the local community.




How does Panorama Aumentado work?

It uses a free Augmented Reality app of and it allows the user to discover video layers on printed material and building facades. It also allows the user to create their own AR geolocated content.

Use dancetechtvARapp available for FREE for apple and android devices.
Download for IOS devices: iPhone, IPad, Ipod
Download for Android devices

It combines an image recognition engine and geolocation.

The AR app is designed to be used mostly in the contexts of arts festivals and older events to augment printed programs and posters with video layers of the artists involved in the festivals and with video content created in the festivals by the team. It may also be used for some urban games and performances with the geolocation feature.

The AR app makes image and location a site for multimedia performance experimentation.



1.-Download  dancetechtvARapp for free, install and run it.  

Download for IOS devices: iPhone, IPad, Ipod
Download for Android devices

2.-Tap on information icon (I) in the bottom right of the screen and read detailed guidelines on how to use this app for making location auras and also create your own AR channel.


Where to see the content?

Augmented Printed Program

Point the device to images of the Festival Panorama 2012 main program, names of artists and logos.


Tap on the video layer to make fullscreen and single tap to go to the url to watch the full video.

Video demo over the Augmented Program at Festival Panorama 2012!

Panorama Aumentado| Installation

This video shows the installation running at the festival center (Largo das Artes, Rio de Janeiro), where the visitors change pieces of the printed program and scan them with an iPhone and iPad running the dancetechtvARapp connected to an LCD screen and discover the trailers of the pieces and interviews. The app then, recognizes the image and plays a video layer on it. All the images of the program and logos are augmented with video content. Combines social media journalism, interactive media and augmented reality technology.


Geolocated Videos on facades of Theaters and big posters:

You can  use the app to scan the facades of the main festival venues  and banners to see video trailer of upcoming events. 

Scan the big banner in front go there Teatro Joao Caetano and Carlos Gomes and you will see the trailers of the upcoming show or the festival:



I you are near of AR geolocated augmented reality content  you will see several icons on the bottom part of the viewer.

See screenshot  from app when you are close to the Teatro Joao Caetano. Tap on the icons to get more information about the AR location and the image hint.



Panorama Aumentado

The Lab/workshop

The project offers a workshop to explore social media video production and augmented reality. The lab participants video and edit using portable devices and an online tools to produce a collinear documentation of what happens at the theaters and other venues and its headquarters are the Center of the Festival. In generates a sustainable exchange from the festival and volunteers of the community.


Team for Panorama Aumentado @ Festival Panorama 2012:

Julia Alapenha

Paula Beatriz Dantas

Maria Ricilena Santos

Rita Lins de Mello

Karine de Bacco

Luiz Guilherme Guerrreiro

Bia Paes

Images from Panorama Aumentado workshop:

Screenshots of app augmenting programs and building facades:


Send us questions, feedback and screenshots of the app working to


Use the app to scan from this screen the following images and see media from the festival:

Festival Panorama 2012 logo

Ana Borralho & João Galante    

Cena 11

Meg Stuart | Damaged Goods

You can also scan the images from the program pdf:

Festival Panorama 2012 program as .pdf

More in dancetechtv augmented reality app

Panorama Aumentado was conceived by Marlon Barrios Solano as a collaboration between and Festival Panorama 2012.

Thanks to: ACCAD – The Advanced Computer Center for Arts and Design from the Ohio State University (USA) and DanceDigitalUK.
The dancetechtvARapp is powered by Aurasma (UK)

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Wow. That's great. Will be experimenting with my ballroom dance shoes ;)

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