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White Caps

Over the last year I have followed an interesting dance company called White Caps based in Bristol in there process of making this video dance:

White Caps - A New Paradigm For BBoying in Dance and Film

Over the past 10 months they have been creating a dance theatre work which strives to take the bboying dance form into new territory. "White Caps", a live and film performance for the Bristol Old Vic in England, aims to explore the full expressive depth that the bboying… Continue

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My two films The Ulitmate Video Dance EVER and Nordic Visuals will be screening at the First Annual UMove Online Videodance Festival with an opening launch party and screening at the Tank in New York City on October 4th.

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Dance Festival in Edinburgh

As you might know is currently the Edinburgh Festival on and so Dancebase put together an eclectic and exciting selection of performing artists and companies.

More info of the upcoming shows can be found on

The first show I went to see was Appel by Decalage. The performers Mickael Marso Riviere and Navala Chaudhari showed a sensual and exotic mix of bboying and capoeira accompanied by live music by Jason… Continue

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One Step - Hickle-Dee-Pickle-Dee


"One Step - Hickle-Dee-Pickle-Dee"

The following video has been inspired by The

Scotsman report 'One giant gaffe for mankind'

about the Nasa taping over the original footage of

1969 Moon landing.

Produced for the Dance Films Association, Inc's

competition 'What moves you? 48 Hour Challenge'.

17th - 19th July 2009


The four performers are elderly people who have

dementia… Continue

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Grading Matters

Currently the Edinburgh International Film Festival, short EIFF, is running and bringing together a fantastic selection of films as well as very interesting people from the moving image industry.

Last Thursday the restored version of The Red Shoes was shown at the Filmhouse, unfortunately I could not make it. However when it screened 2/3 years ago in the cinema at 2pm on a Tuesday afternoon, I… Continue

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the lovely Scottish capital Edinburgh is currently running its very own DANCE:FILM festival with great success!!! Dancebase curator Steph Wright has put an exciting program mix of famous films like Swing Time and Flashdance as well as screenings of independent and international screendance makers together. I went to see the two programs 'Dance With Camera' and 'Dance For Camera' and was blown away by the eclectic collection of high quality… Continue

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Dance Plus

In Short:

It is a series of three documentaries about dance and technology bringing to light the current development of movement research, meaning and context. The overall title is “Dance Plus”.


The 1st Documentary is about Jeannette Ginslov who stems from Johannesburg, South Africa. She is the Founder and Director of Walking Gusto Productions multimedia dance theatre, a choreographer, video dance maker and multimedia artist. Her video dance works are presented… Continue

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DANCE:FILM in Edinburgh

Hi Guys,

two of my films are in DANCE:FILM...TRENCH is screening in Dance For Camera on Sat at 11.30am and URBAN DANCERS is in Dance With Camera on Sat at 13.30! It'd be great to see you there!!!

Sabine x

So, here are the dates & links:

Dance for Camera – Saturday 23rd May 2009, 11.30

Dance with Camera – Saturday 23rd May 2009, 13.30… Continue

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Movement on Screen 2009

Movement on Screen 2009 was a total sensation! I already enjoyed the previous year but the 2009 festival was miles better. The Cornerhouse, which is pulsing hub for contemporary visual art and it is also located right in the heart of Manchester, was a great venue and moves had its own delegate centre.

The overall theme of the festival was 'Tell your story' that guided and accompanied the audience through the various screenings, talks and forums. To offer a narration makes screendance… Continue

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Rafael Bonachela's

I just listened to Rafael Bonachela's interview with Olivia Stewart. Very inspiring!

Meet the new artistic director of the Sydney Dance Company: Rafael Bonachela. His first work for the company is a production called 360°. It's on in Brisbane until April 25, and then goes to Adelaide and Melbourne next month. Click on the following to hear the full interview with ABC Radio National's Artworks:

As well as… Continue

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Children & Dance


together with Susan Elena ( I am right now part of an exciting project organised by Anna Ramsay to create screendance videos for Big in Falkirk (

It's great fun with the 22 kids who are between 6-12years old. The boys and girls are super energetic and totally into dance and keen to put something together for the videos. The moment they know the camera is rolling they are completely focused and total… Continue

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Jackson and our time

I have been reading about the connection and relationship of contemporary dance and pop music development and style history and how they feed of each other. A main figure in it is Michael Jackson who was invited at the age of 13 to teach Fred Astaire the Moonwalk.

Jackson is a very impressive mover which is distilled into this clip!

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Biomimcry & Dance

I always think in terms of video editing to create something that is a heightened reality because I have to squeeze real experience of movements and moments (space, soundscape, smells, 3D surround view) into a compressed framed 2D format.

However, I want to keep my screendance close to life in its own movements because it is so close to our own bodily experience. No other form of editing or creation of video is so interested in how we actually physically feel about it. It is… Continue

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HV20 - the female way to shoot

Are you thinking of buying a new camcorder but you are on a budget? I recently wrote a review about my Canon HV20 for :

Canon HV20 is a wonderful small camcorder that suits every filmmaker's budget, however, not necessarily the ones with big hands. As a woman I was looking for the perfect and professional camcorder that has all the settings on manual option as well as one that I can hold comfortably. I do not want to point on certain other cameras that do not… Continue

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Screentest Fest

Sabine Klaus' A_WAY_AWAY is screening at

The UK’s National Student Film Festival. Created in 2004 as a platform to showcase student filmmaking talent from around the UK the festival recently enjoyed its fourth year with the 2008 event taking place over the weekend of the 29th February - 2nd March. Screentest will return to The University of Bristol Students’ Union, Bristol on the 6th - 8th March, 2009.

Over the course of the weekend… Continue

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TRENCH is screening at

Big in Falkirk, Scotland's National Street Arts Festival is back for its 10th year on Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 May 2009.

Big in Falkirk 2009 will run from 12pm to 11pm both days.

Since its inception in 2000, this award-winning, FREE weekend extravaganza has become one of the largest cultural events in Scotland, attracting over 100,000 people. Located in Falkirk’s stunning 180-acre Callendar Park,… Continue

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TRENCH is screening at

moves returns to Manchester and the UK from 23 to 28 April 2009.

Now in its 5th year, moves is established as the largest exhibition platform in the UK for experimental short film and new media with a unique focus on movement on screen, exploring new ways of telling stories through films, installations and screen-based works.

2008 was the year… Continue

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Scratch It!

SCRATCH Moves at Arches Glasgow

Thu 05 Mar 2009


Pay what you can

This exciting new event for all things physical uses the ‘talkback’ Scratch format, this month exploring movement and image.

Artists include award-winning German video editor/dance video maker Sabine Klaus Creation Editor (Msc, University of Dundee), screendance maker Anna Ramsay (Msc, University of Dundee), choreographer Susan… Continue

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"International Screendance Houseparty" for Friday 1st May 2009

Hi All,

I want to propose an "International Screendance Houseparty" for Friday 1st May 2009. Get your friends around, stick on a pizza and watch some good video dance work.

Of course you can choose a different date that is more suitable for you but it would be great if until then we could share links of screendance films we like and consider as good. It is an opportunity for yourself to be the curator of your own private dance on screen festival, create a platform for… Continue

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my two screendances A_WAY_AWAY and TRENCH are having a great start into the New Year 2009 with screenings in

(both) Vienna/ Austria, Jan 2009

(TRENCH) Japan, Feb 2009

(A_WAY_AWAY) Vancover/ Canada, March 2009

Best… Continue

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