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streaming right now from Barcelona nits salvatges


Nits Salvatges (Wild Nights) proposes a frame to experiment with what is uncertain and circumstantial in the ideas, regardless its evolution, materialization or development.

An event that brings together eight new and specific actions by artists from different areas, territories and generations.



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Wearable_dynamic research from Paola Tognazzi

Wearable_dynamic research is a company created by Paola Tognazzi,

which purpose is to associate artists with common interests

in designing interactive tools based on the artistic phylosophy of:

1- Changing the dynamic motor of human body

2- Developing ergonomic full-body interface for control of immersive audio-visual environment.

3- Creating an infrastructure and a modular network.

We are delighted to present our first baby project… Continue

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Madrid-HelloWorld!, Contemporary Stage Creation and New Technologies

What is HelloWorld!

The project aims to foster the dialog between new technologies and performing arts, considering that in our city is more common to find works based in installations, contemporary art or interactive and non performative works. We will try to explore stage possibilities of new technologies by creating a small format project production platform for contemporary theater. And therefore, to explore different disciplines such as moving artes, object theater, children… Continue

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call for entries international internet dance festival SideBySide-net 2009

SideBySide art center defines its main purpose in supporting and cultivating art and culture, stage-play and dance. In general, the association wants to help talented artists of any genre. In detail, SideBySide art center especially wants to give social support to young people in the areas of art, culture, training and education. Thus, the association exclusively and immediately serves public welfare purposes.

SideBySide art center offers artists of all kinds a new cultural platform.… Continue

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Bud Blumenthal, the DANCERS! project

DANCERS! is an interactive video data base of professional dancers of any style or technique improvising within a precise context : 2 minutes, defined space, exact lighting, chosen music.

Designed by Bud Blumenthal, the DANCERS! project aims to put the dancer in the center to demonstrate his/her art without having to adapt to the vision of a choreographer.

DANCERS! can be viewed online for free at www.dancersproject.com. where one can navigate through the dances in an easy… Continue

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Mapad2 (Mapa y Programa de Arte en Danza (y Performance) Digital)

Hoy, Día Internacional de la Danza, se presentará online la nueva plataforma virtual mapad2 (http://www.mapad2.ufba.br/) , creada para impulsar la investigación, la formación, el desarrollo y la difusión de creaciones relacionadas con la danza, concretamente los espectáculos de danza interactivos creados a partir de dispositivos tecnológicos digitales.

La plataforma, que abarca los países de habla hispana y portuguesa, será presentada con una vídeo-conferencia internacional entre… Continue

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SARMA + Workspace Brussels= Working Title Festival #2

for those one that does not know yet

SARMA (based in Belgium)

Sarma is an artistic and discursive VERY INTERESTING laboratory for criticism, dramaturgy and research in the field of dance and beyond. Sarma collects and organizes discursive practices. By compiling author based or thematically related text anthologies, published online on our website. But also by curating festivals, by providing dramaturgical assistance to performers, by organizing workshops, discussions, lectures,… Continue

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festival LP'09 dansa...o no. Barcelona 6th to 21rst March. Org. La Porta


17 continuous days of programming with over 50 live arts projects that revolve around the body: performances, actions, installations, screenings, meetings and other frontier experiences that explore the notion of play, movement and theatricality.

they will be there...

Mauricio González, Vera Mantero, Angélica Liddell, Félix Fernández, Juan Navarro / Javier Corcobado, Alejandra Pombo, Teo Baró, Roger Bernat,… Continue

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(barcelona-Spain) festival of dance and the moving image

the second IDN festival arrives in Barcelona showing creations from the crossroads of different genres in dance, audiovisuals and performing and visuals arts

read more at www.nu2s.org/homeeng.htm

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SUPERNATURAL 2-Virtual Cycle (org. La Porta from Barcelona) soon on the net

Second edition of the virtual cycle SOBRENATURAL

6 new pieces specially created for the net: video creations, documentaries, short films, tributes, lies, manifestoes... from 12th December at: www.laportabcn.com.

( see edition 2007)


La Porta is an artists collective based in Barcelona founded in 1992. Since then, it has generated activities and context for creating, thinking about and investigating… Continue

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Belgium/France -Electronic arts festival and transborder platform-,Les Transnumériques #3

Launched in 2005 in Brussels and Mons (Belgium) by Transcultures (interdisciplinary centre for electronic and sound culture), Les Transnumériques is a nomadic festival dedicated to (trans)digital art emergences and the diversity of electronic cultures. This third edition of Les Transnumériques links Belgian cities (Brussels and Mons) with French cities (Paris and Lille) and focuses on the dynamic digital Quebec scene with guests artists and cultural organizations from Montreal and Quebec as… Continue

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cimatics bruxelles friday 28th nov'08


The festival unites art, music, media and design in a relentless approach of contemporary culture.

( es mucho más visual que artes escénicas, pero son artistas que en un momento dado creo han o harían colaboraciones con artistas que trabajan el cuerpo..de todas formas..algunos, seguro, viven de la disco...y donde sinó uno/a mueve el cuerpo..!!)

He asistido a screenings de video ( me interesaba el programa de audio… Continue

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