meta_media lab: exploring creative networked media production, distribution and interfacing space

meta_media lab transforms a festival hub, gallery space or the theater lobby in an mutable interactive lab for experiments on the use of Web 2.0 and mobile portable technology such as: collaborative cloud video production, social networking, post-pc technologies (IPads 2 and I Phones 4), video podcasting, augmented reality (QR code technology and customizable mobile apps) and live video broadcasting.
meta_media lab is an experimental space that is deployed within festivals or art events.
meta_media lab is a place for innovation on collaborative social media production,  digital memory and augmented storytelling with portable mobile technology.
meta_media lab explores digital networking of people and ideas as a creative medium.
meta_media labs goes beyond the traditional marketing PR approach  and explores  innovative and creative ways  of  using the new internet and smart mobile technology as a collaborative and co-creative technologies.
meta_media lab participants become a production/RD team experimenting with the potential of digital networked/mobile technologies for augmenting the event web presence/impact, knowledge production and distribution.
meta-medial lab offers an excellent opportunity for collaboration between the venues, the local community and other local actors.
meta_media lab @ Festival Panorama 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

meta_media lab creates a flexible connected or hybrid space, adaptable for the needs of festival venues, facilitating direct participation of members of the local community as digital journalists and new media researchers investigating digitally augmented knowledge production environments.
meta_media lab explores the potential of mobile technologies for the real-time production, broadcasting and interaction of digital content and information streams developing hybrid or augmented spaces with interactive portable multimedia.
meta_media lab is a sustainable and collaborative format to produce, distribute and interface networked digital content in the arts.
meta_media lab benefit from the and engaged international community of more than 5000 members including individual artists and organizations.

meta_media lab use all the platforms and programs:, dance-tech.TV and interviews.
There is a meta network of high impact and presence in: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Livestream, USTREAM and Flickr.

meta_media lab in Amber Festival 2010 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Special video conferences and remote dialogues with international guests may be scheduled. Screenings of selected high quality content relevant to the event may also be organized as part of the meta_media lab activities.

meta_media lab @ EXTRA 09 festival in Annecy, France

It is conceived as an intervention of the festival or event site creating a "spectacle of information and knowledge" and its production with a collaborative approach.

It becomes a digital communication hub deploying:
  • B/Vlogging and micro-blogging and data mashups
  • Locative/performative actions with QRcodes and the most advanced augmented reality mobile technology (custom apps)
  • Video excerpts of performances and activities.
  • LIVE broadcasts from venues and mobile stations.
  • TalkShow with live broadcast with guests from the event
  • LIVE conversation with remote guests
  • LIVE connections with another relevant events
  • Public Lecture on social media and arts.
  • Interactive visuals with the created materials
  • Performative collaborative visuals and emergent graphics
  • Idea, people  mapping and visualizations.

It deploys three interrelated modes:
meta_media lab @ Amber Festival 2010 in Istanbul

meta_media lab
Production Studio

The lab is an open and mobile /working /production space with visible monitors and computational portable devices  visible for audience  ya socializing space. LCD screens fill the  space created with tables and benches. 

Special arrangements can be done to broadcast LIVE relevant festival activities: lectures, performances, panel discussions and after performances sessions.

meta_media lab @ EXTRA 09 festival in Annecy, France

meta_media lab

It is a workshop on hybrid storytelling, social media, networked communication and collaborative creativity that takes place in the meta_media production studio.

The participants are introduced to the new internet, web 2.0 video production tools and use them to collaborate in the generation and distribution of information and news during the festival or event. They use the lab setting as a space for experimentation on participatory journalism and new social media platforms.

The participants become the media production team of event producing the media and the installations.

meta_media lab @ NerjaDanza Festival 2011 in Nerja, Spain

meta_media lab
Several systems outputs are developed and deployed*:
LOOPS on LCD SCREENS of Produced Content.
Upload and display of daily video podcast  with interviews and views of the event/activities. All videos will be aggregated on YouTube Playlist dedicated to the event and played on an LCD screen of the space. Produced content will be shared with the hosting venue.
AUGMENTED FESTIVAL/EVENT PROGRAM has partnered with augmented reality mobile app developers Aurasma (UK) for the development of AR app wich will  be used to augment the printed program/posters and create augmented spaces with digital content  from the artists and that is produced in the festival.  The printed program will be augmented with video content that will be viewable scanning the images of the programs  with a smart phone loaded with the app.

screenshot of card with video overlay viewed with an IPhone running the AR app.

the app will run  on smart devices suing a technology that is capable of recognizing images, symbols and objects in the real world and understanding them. It can then deliver digital content in real time, including videos, animations, audio or webpages.

AppStoreGoogle Play

The app will work on the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad 2, iPad3 and more powerful Android devices.
Visitors will be able to download the AR at  the App Store and Google Play.

This app is being developed at a reserach residency at ACCAD The Advanced Computer Center for Arts and Design from The Ohio State University


Mobilization, aggregation and visualization Twitter feed  on one LCD screen with the hashtag defined by the PR department of the event. 
Interactive Installation mixes in real time  the event twitter feed, photos  and images from a local camera taken by the audience (custom software software). This feed may be used  in several screens if network available.
VIDEO WALL is developed to be deployed online and on LCD screens wall with created videos and other visual material facilitated by venue.
EMERGENT MOSAIC Image created with portraits of faces of all  the participants. The image may be printed as a poster given away as a unique souvenir of the experience  in the event.
Image created at MOVS 12 Cadiz with all the participant faces and a cloud of words  from the topics of the festival
A video playlist in you tube is created  with suggestions of  all the participants and visitors of the venue. This aggregates the videos as  an idea ecosystem that represents the semantic context of the event. it invited to reflexion and fundamental exchanges.

Collaborative Playlist @ What Matters Festival 2012 in London, UK

Collaborative Word Cloud | Collective tagging of experience
A Word cloud graphic is generated from a a collaborative tagging experience while the visitors participate in  an activity or an event. They are asked to write down key words that represent their experience  and thy are processed digitally to generate the wordcloud collaboratively created about the experience.  The visualization is posted and also printed and given away to te visitors.
QR Code Cloud or Wall
An installation with QR codes evolves during the festival giving access to the produced content via portable devices with QR code scanners.
QRCode Cloud @ What Matters Festival 2012 in London, UK

QR CODE WALL @ Festival Panorama 2012  in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Talk shows with artists (Broadcasted)
Skype In? 
COOL_PDF sharing

STORM IT (thunders and flasshed) Floods
Platforms, people, knowledge
Butterfly sffect
Expressive networks

Oriented to:
  • Arts, journalism, new media student and professionals.
  • Performing arts practitioners.
  • Art management specialists
  • Filmmakers and journalists
  • Arts marketing, PR and audience development specialist.

Max of 12 participants.


May be led in English and Spanish.


An assistant with hight level of new media literacy, knowledge of English and the local language and area is necessary. This person will lead the grid_lab operations after in absence of marlon barrios solano.


The meta_media lab (as the grid_lab) and embedded_vlogger has been deployed in the following events:

  • Festival Panorama 2009 and 2011 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • American Realness 2012, January 2012, New York City, USA.
  • Beyond 2011/ICKamsterdam, Amsterdam, Holland
  • Cinedans 2011, December 2011, Amsterdam, Holland
  • NerjaDanza/Danza Malaga, October 2011, Nerja Spain.
  • Extra 09, 10 and 11 Festival Annecy, France
  • Performance Studies International, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • TEC ART ECO 10/11, Como (Italy) and Lugano (Switzerland)
  • Motion Bank Workshop, Forsythe Company, 2011, Frankfurt, Germany
  • Algorithmic Reflections of Choreography: From Choreography to Software and Back, April 2011, Zagreb, Croatia
  • Palucca Schulle (Summer Program 2010) , Dresden Germany
  • EMPAC, Troy, NY, 2010
  • Bearnstow, Maine, USA
  • Grec/La Caldera 2010, Barcelona, Spain
  • NOV_S 2009, Madrid, Spain 2011.
  • Earthdance, Mass, USA.
  • Picnic, 09, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • CYNETART 09, 10 Dresden, Germany
  • European Tele Plateaus 09-10 (Spain, Germany and Czech Republic)
  • Amber 10 Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
  • CIAŁO/UMYSŁ 10, Warsaw, Poland
  • Balkan Dance Platform 09, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • PostME_New ID 08, Dresden Germany

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meta_media lab is an associated project of DanceDigitalUK
grid_lab and embedded_vlogger were conceived and developed by marlon barrios solano with the support of:
Gilles Jobin Company, Geneva Switzerland
EXTRA Festival,Bonlieu Scène nationale , Annecy, France
dance- tech interactive llc
New York, USA

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