meta_creation lab: inter-actors, attractors and the aesthetics of complexity

A workshop interfacing real-time composition, procedural choreography, creative technologies, networked systems and emergent dramaturgies

meta_creation lab is a collaborative space to creatively explore the relationship between improvisational/real -time performance practices, computation and networked collaborative creativity.

meta_creation lab is an open space for exploration of the use of procedural strategies as dramaturgic games to dynamically activate the spaces with rule systems  that are  executed  in the moment of performance (generativity).

meta-creation lab investigates bottom-up architectures for performance as design and dramaturgic strategies to develop "rhizomatic" spaces  for non-linear dramaturgies.

meta_creation lab investigates and develops participatory  systems as  performance games combining computational and hybrid (human/machine) instructions used as "scores" or generative algorithms.

meta_creation lab develops spaces as a cognitive system where the performance composition emerge. 

meta_creation lab explores the relationship between aspects of contemporary internet culture and experimental performance practices and its aesthetics such as: open source source software and choreography, gaming, sampling and recombination, data flows, mashups and remix culture.

meta_creation lab explores the  embodied/distributed cognition approach to frame physical activities and movement games (scores).

meta_creation lab  explores the dramaturgic potential of ubiquitous networks, data flows, post-PC technology and real time interaction.

meta_creation lab explores the constraints and affordances of new performance methodologies and conditions derived  from our embeddedness in socio-technological discourses and systems.

meta_creation lab  presents  contemporary relevant  artists and their  propositions to illustrate, generate dialogue and prompt  creative activities.

meta_creation lab intersects contemporary design and performance approaches/practices exploring the dynamic couplings of mind, body, action, information/data flows, real-time composition games/scores, as a hybrid UNSTABLELANDSCAPE*


There will be a final performance installation called: UNSTABLELANDSCAPE

This workshop ends with a durational open showing as an installation/ performance where the space is activated by participants and visitors following the same scores and games. All participants and visitors are given the score in writing.

The space can be left as an installation for a longer time and may be activated by the visitors following the score created during te workshop.

Oriented to:

This workshop is oriented to any movement artists and media professionals who want to explore interdisciplinary collaboration and real time media networked/generative technologies:

dancers, choreographers, visual artist, musician, media artists, performance artists, architects, cultural managers, journalist, writers, etc.

It also works as a contemporary introduction to movement practices and new media

This is a collaborative creation workshop and some instruction on specific software or applications are offered as modules based  on interest.


Most of the software  to be used  is available in the internet for free and will be provided.

Temporary licenses MaxMSPJitter and ISADORA may be are provided if required

Participants are encouraged to bring their portable computers and tablets.

Duration: 30 hours minimum

Key nodes for workshop:

  • Bottom-up architectures of generative systems.
  • Performance, rule systems and algorithms.
  • New Internet technologies (web 2.0) and collaborative creation.
  • Embodied and distributed cognition and compositional implications and potentialities.
  • Sampling, recombinations and mashups.
  • Post-pc technologies apps, tablets and mobile technologies.
  • Augmented information and realities.
  • Introduction to Real-time processing of video and sound.
  • Life logging and creative process.
  • Hybrid realities and alternative performance sites.
  • Social Media Video production.
  • Video broadcasting.
  • Cloud/social computing.
  • Locative media/Mobile and urban exploration.
  • Computer aided choreography and algorithmic composition.
  • Portable hardware as interfaces/interactive media control.
  • Social media for distributed creativity and knowledge production.
  • Networked documentaries/storytelling.
  • Contemporary Performance and new media video playlist (what is out there).

More details:

  • Participants will be offered audio visual and reading references.
  • Personal Accounts in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and are necessary during the workshop.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing (willing to move) and to bring their own laptops, photo and video cameras and smart phones.
  • All the documentation will be developed by the participants.
  • Some equipment  is provided but the main goal is to generate autonomy and empower the participants to use their own equipment and develop  the knowhow after the workshop ends.
  • Designed for  a max of 16 participants. A co-facilitator is necessary for more than 16 participants.


Ideal Space and technology set up:

  • Dance or performing arts rehearsal/performance space  with  linoleum  floor with no mirrors.
  • Possibility of making the space dark and manage lighting conditions.
  • 2 Projectors or LCD screens ( for the performance/installation)
  • The best connectivity available for a media lab setting to allow multiple users on line working with video.
  • Two microfones.
  • Sound system with a simple mixer (four channels minimum) with mini jack connections to computer
  • Light tables for group work and laptop placements. One table each for 4 participants
  • Movable chairs or benches
  • Power cords and multi plugs (same number of tables)
  • Two white boards and markers.
  • A open wall in the room for posting.
  • 20 packages of post-its  different colors: dimensions 3 X 5 inches
  • tape in at least three different colors.
  • Possibility of leaving things stuck in the walls and boards.


meta_creation lab  has been led in the following places:

  • Masters in Performance Practices and Visual Culture, November 2011, Madrid, Spain.

  • Takween Collective October  2011, Beirut, Lebanon.


  • London, March 2012
  • Amsterdam, May 2012 

Workshop developed during residencies @ PAF Performing Arts Forum (France)  and  Takweeen Collective Workshop in Beirut with partial support of the New York Live Arts Suitcase Fund. (USA)



About the licensing of the content produced in this workshop/lab


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