VR_Ii s a 100% virtual dance piece in which five spectators are immersed together and in real time in a virtual space. Immersive and contemplative, the performance invites viewers, or rather their avatars to follow their own point of view. The viewers-turned-camera move around inside the installation as protagonists of their own experience.Thanks to motion capture technology, we are now capable of reproducing dance in all its fluidity. Although the set, the environment and the dancers’ envelope are virtual, movement itself is very real. Artanim’s technology is a giant step for viewer immersion by combining real and virtual environments. Thus, the boundaries between dancer and viewer are removed and both move on the same plane, at the same time and in the same space, at the crossroads of reality and ‘virtuality’.With this unique installation, the performance addresses our perception of reality and our ability to adapt instantly to possible worlds—worlds that we accept as long as they meet certain criteria of our reality. In VR_I, viewers and dancers are subject to the same physical laws, they share the horizontal axis. The actual presence of the viewers’ bodies inside a coherent physical space allows for surprising effects of scale. Thus, as they stumble into a full-scale desert, viewers-travellers can find themselves face to face with 30-metre high dancers or later, notice tiny dancers at their feet
  • Dance and “Normality” Symposium, Geneva, Switzerland

    Documentary about the dance and "Normality" Symposium presenting ideas and works from international artists and scholars, who problematize notions of normality and ideology in contemporary dance practices.
  • Risa Steinberg @ ImPulsTanz 2014

    Conversation with Risa Steinberg @ ImPulsTanz 2014 about her teaching approach and thoughts about dance education technique and more. Produced by Marlon Barrios Solano for
  • Barbara Dilley: On Contemplative Dance @ SILO

    Conversation with movement artists and contemplative dance Barbara Dilley at SILO during a retreat focused on contemplative dance. July 20113. She takes us to connect John cage, Merge Cunningham,Judson Church, Grand Union and her experience ad the creator/educator of the Dance program of Naropa University. Thanks to Barbara Dilley and Lisa Kraus produced by marlon […]
  • Marcelo Evelin @ Tanz Im August 2014

    Conversation with Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin about his piece Suddenly Everywhere is Black with People premiered in Berlin at Tanz Im August 2014. From the website: Does black still stand for the unknown, the primordial and darkness? With the German premiere Suddenly everywhere is black with people, the Brazilian choreographer Marcelo Evelin sets out […]
  • Alessandro Sciarroni on Joseph @ Tanz Im August 2014

    We have the opportunity to interview Alessandro Sciarroni in occasion of his Berlin premiere of his solo Joseph during Tanz Im August 2014. From the festival website In Joseph Sciarroni plays live with Chatroulette, a social network that puts people from all over the world in contact with one another at random – like […]
  • The Landscape of NOW: Interview with Kent De Spain

    Skype conversation with movement artist, researcher author Kent DeSpain about his new book The Landscape of the Now; A Topography of Movement Improvisation.
  • Minds in Motion: a conversation with Glenna Batson

    Conversation with Glenna Batson about her book new book "Body and Mind in Motion: dance and neuroscience in conversation"
  • Metabody Interviews – Isabelle Choiniere and Marlon Barrios Solano

    Metabody Interviews – Isabelle Choiniere and Marlon Barrios Solano

    THE PUBLIC COMMONS AND THE UNDERCOMMONS OF ART, EDUCATION, AND LABOR, Germany International conference hosted by the MA program Choreography and Performance Documentation of the event.