• Meta-academy assignment tests

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    For developers of meta academy to test out our assignments before posting them on the lab sites

  • meta_creation LAB @ MASTER en Practicas performativas y cultura visual,

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    Madrid, Spain

  • Mobile Shared Stories Workshop, Bytom |Poland

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    School of Drama and Dance Bytom, Poland Only for registered students. Movement and the  social in networked spaces An introduction to dance and new media Led by Marlon Barrios Solano A series of 5 classes will be geared to  explore  creative performance of movement within technological and social …

  • meta-academy@bates 2013: Minded Motion

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    An online lab exploring embodiment and co-creation on the internet using Nancy Stark Smith’s Underscore and other moving ideas This lab  took  place from July 22nd to August 10th 2013.  You may do the activities as a self-directed, self-guided experience.  You may also  join this group and interac…

  • A Self-organized Festival of the HZT-Berlin

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    Only for participants of the Self-organized Festival of the HZT-BA-students I 26. - 29.4.2012 I Uferstudios

  • meta_media Lab: Critical Endeavour | ImpulseTanz

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    meta_media lab Networked memories, knowledge production and dancing bodies meta_media lab is geared to offer the participants an introduction to the new internet technologies and their implications for knowledge production  and distribution with an  emphasis on experimentation and movement arts. …

  • meta_media lab@impulstanz 2014

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    Only for participants of the meta+media lab @ ImPulstanz 2014.

  • Panorama Aumentado LAB

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    Laboratorio de Comunicacion en linea http://www.dance-tech.net/profiles/blogs/augmented-reality-app-festival-panorama-2012-rio-de-janeiro

  • dance-tech AUGMENTED REALITY creative residency

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    The dance-tech AUGMENTED REALITY creative residency gives opportunity to movement and media artists to develop and launch projects exploring the potential of the AR space for art making. This group is only for communication and harvesting the experience  of resident artists. More on the AR residency

  • grid_lab@panorama de danca 11, Rio de janeiro, Brazil

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    description of the grid_lab grid_lab is a sustainable collaborative format to produce and distribute networked digital content in the arts. It is geared to collaborate with artistic venues and festivals on leveraging the viral power of social media platforms and the new Internet (Web 2.0) augmen…

  • Decoding Reality

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  • Meta-Academy ImPulsTanz-BDF 2014

    59 members

  • MotionBank and Other Choreographic Media Tools Workshop@ HZT Berlin

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    Created for participants of the workshop MotionBank and other Choreographic Media Tools at HZT Berlin. November 18th to December 1st 2013

  • Experimental Film Virginia

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    Dance Film Workshop with Noemie Lafrance and Larry Sider.  August 5-17th. Harbor for the Arts 2013 Festival sponsored by Arts Enter Cape Charles and the town of Cape Charles with support from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Experimental, interdisciplinary film workshop with international fa…

  • University of Illinois 362JT

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    A class in Internet collaboration and Dance Technology

  • Takween 2011

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    Takween 2011

  • crazyDOGsessions

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    dance meets physical theatre, video and music. dancers: Lea Kieffer, Oleg Kaufmann, Jasminka Stenz, Yochai Ginton, Sylvain Sicaud. We work with video in the performance combined with improvisation dance. lights and musicians

  • Ballet Pixelle

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    Ballet Pixelle™ is the first professional ballet company to perform in virtual space (2006). All choreography and music are original. Our dancers are from England, Estonia, Japan, Portugal, Spain, US and the dancers dance from home.

  • 451T

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    We are the students from University of Illinois taking Dance 451T, Dance and Technology, and our collaborators from SARC in Belfast.

  • Creating Websites.

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    Professional Websites for Professional Artists. Since 2010 Creating Websites has been working on creating and designing professional Websites for professional artists.