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61, Female


United Kingdom

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November 6, 2011
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Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd
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I am a specialist in Dance on Film, for Augmented Reality and Screen. Currently a PhD candidate at the London South Bank University, School of Arts and Creative Industries and Applied Science. I hold an MSc in Media Arts & Imaging from the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design (Distinction) and an MA in Choreography from Rhodes University South Africa.

Director & Curator for Screendance Africa and an interdisciplinary artist creating Screendance as choreographer, director, editor and producer.

Currently collaborating with Susan Kozel on the Screendance and AR projects: "AffeXity" (since 2011)and from 2017 "Somatic Archiving" together with Icelandic Choreographer Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir based in Berlin. Both projects are for the Living Archives Research Project at Malmö University.

I facilitate Screendance and AR workshops and lectures at festivals and universities internationally: USA, UK, South Africa, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Rwanda, Brazil, Portugal & Hong Kong.
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Interactive designer (video and sound installations/ performances and networked spaces), Video and film (screen-dance), Academic Educators (formally teaching and researching in a university)
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Interdisciplinary performer
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Danish, French

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  • Andy Wood

    Hi Jeanette. Check out the BBC Big Screens (in many cities across the UK) which sometimes feature dance videos and are a quick way to mainstream audiences. I think they are attracted to dance stuff cos it's relatively immediate and the audiences tend to 'encounter' the screens in passing. I know the Leeds screen are always on the look out for new and non commercial content... as for cinemas, you may have some luck with the small independents but i doubt that the major chains will even talk to you. Best.
  • Andy Wood

    no organisation that admins this idea that i know of but maybe there's a new project for someone (?) Maybe i could mention this at the next Moves Board meeting. As for BBC BIG SCREENS MOves had its touring program on there... i also had stuff featured at Leeds, Bradford and Manchester. I know the guy that runs Leeds pretty well can supply you with contact if you like? best
  • Andy Wood

    PS. has the deadline for Montage gone?
  • Lutz Gregor

    Hi Jeanette, I love Sandys review - it tells more about the eye of the viewer than the work, as all critics do.
    But what the hell is the 'chthonic realm', have never been there? I think the work, especially the slo-mo, allows lots of projection on it.
    Best regards Lutz

    Thanks a million

    Hello Jeannette
    Sorry to have kept silence since you proposed that wonderful workshop idea. I have been very busy as the Director on "OLURONBI" The African Dance Musical, coming up this December 4th & 6th.
    I have presented your proposal to the Dance Guild of Nigeria (GOND-National) coupled with some Nollywood Guilds and Associations and they are happy about the idea. However, we have some constraints, most especially in the area of FUNDING. So, I want to ask if you can help us get a sponsor who can take care of your Round-Trip Ticket, Feeding and Remuneration or Fee. We can take care of Accommodation, Venue, Media and other dance materials needed for the project.
    On a second note, What date are you looking at? We have to work based on your time.
    Thanks a lot
    Victor Eze Okwuchukwu
    CEO: Vickezo Productions
    SKYPE ID: Okwuchukwu7
    Y! Messenger:
  • Benedito Fernando Cossa

    new year, all the best for you, I'm fine
    nice blog
    are your fine?
  • Jeannette Ginslov

    Hi Benedito!!! I'm great. All the very best for 2010...hope we bump into each other again some day!! xj

    Hello Jeannette
    I can see you are doing some great works.
    Did you get the Dance Guild's Materials I sent you?
    If so what next?
    Victor Eze Okwuchukwu
  • Jeannette Ginslov

    Hi Victor, Yip got the budget. This will take some time! Its quite a lot we need. But lets keep at it! best Jeannette
  • Jamie Jewett

    Thanks for the comment Jeannette - Auslander is quite an old piece now - 2001
    I posted it more from a retrospective point of view than as current work....
    the music is quite well known - Henryk Górecki Symphony No. 3, Op. 36 featuring the soloist Dawn Upshaw....
    all best
  • bux

    hi jeannette
    thx for your fiend request!
    keep'n touch
  • Bruno Heynderickx

    Carte Blanche's address:
    Nøstegaten 119
    5011 Bergen

  • Leon Daniel

    Great that you like it!
    That was just a spontaneous trial with a photo-camera and I used it in an experimental short movie.
    I do have some more films but in October I will begin to study film at the art-academy, then the number of my films will sourly increase.

    You are finally welcome to Dance Africa Sister. Please make contributions as you deem fit. We are still hoping on WORKING TOGETHER, REMEBER?
  • wolf dancer

    very cool. thanks for invite
  • Fernando de Miguel

    here I am!!!
    loved the sound moves video!
    see ya