Jeanne Bloch

Paris, Paris


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December 4, 2013
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Jeanne Bloch is an art-tech and performing art artist, researcher and speaker.(

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Jeanne Bloch is a French art-tech artist, performer and researcher. Through interactive installations, performances and academic publications and presentations, she explores how light pollution impacts human imagination.

Her research, based on embodied knowledge, dance-tech, e-textile and practice based research in the arts, includes partnering with science labs, electronic engineers and sociologists. She's interested in the ethics of a cyborg world of entangled matters.
Jeanne is currently an artist in residence at BCG, Paris. She had been artist in residence at Ecole Polytechnique Paris - Chaire Arts et Sciences (2018-2020), as well as in different art-tech/dance venues (Centre National de la Danse, Gaité Lyrique (Paris), Dancetech (Berlin), 104 (Paris), Le Shadok (Strasbourg), Stereolux (Nantes), Cité des Sciences - CN2 (Paris)... where her work has been presented. She was also invited as an artist- guest speaker / workshop leader at University of Michigan, Park City Mathematics Institute Seminar (USA), Théâtre de la Ville (Paris), Summer Lab-Imagine 2020 (EU funded, Portugal), Computing Human Interaction Conference (Canada and Italy), Ballet du Nord (France) as well as in numerous other venues. Her work was awared International Year of Light, 2015.

Jeanne holds an MFA from ESACM and a MBA equivalent from IEA. She completed with distinction a Practice Based Research online course from Stanford through NovoEd. She studied dance and choreography in recknowned schools in NY and Paris.
Prior engaging as an artist, Jeanne Bloch was a sustainability advisor to global companies and NGOs.
Instagram: jeanne_bloch

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Artist, researcher
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Artist in Residence, Arts-Sciences Group, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris (2018-2020)
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