Crypto in Motion: Crypto-economy Labs for dance-tech Creators (Fall 2021)

MotionDAO is geared to support a collective of artists interested in the creative and social change potential of Web3 or blockchain technologies. It is set to meet weekly for 90 minutes online sessions.

MotionDAO Labs:

Two of the four monthly sessions will be dedicated to important topics of blockchain technology and will have a more structured format and final discussion; there will be guests lecturers from specialists and more focused workshops.

MotionDAO Collective:

The two other sessions will be more community oriented and with a more informal format for dialogue and connection. These can be uses as session for catching up and ask relevant questions

Criteria for MotionDAO:

-Motivation: Commit to attend all the meeting and actively participate.

-Member of

-Request invitation to the MotionDAO groups (this Group)

-Join the Telegram MotionDAO Group.

-Catch up using the MotionDAO Labs video archive ( see to the right on this text)

-The participants will receive a budgeted incentive in Near Tokens for each session.

-New members need to open a Near Wallet and place the handler in your profile. This is needed to receive and send Near Tokens.

-If participants cannot attend a session, they need  express that in the MotionDAO telegram channel.

- Creative explorations of the affordances of the blockchain are encouraged in all local contexts. can join in a rolling bases requesting membership to this group or in the Telegram Channel.

We will be using the  Near Protocol

and are conducted on ZOOM.

Labs are coordinated and hosted in English by Marlon Barrios Solano

Consultant: Lenara Verle

Past MotionDAO Lab sessions:

September 19th and 26th | Blockchain Fundamentals/Near Wallet led by Marlon Barrios Solano

October 17th and 24th | NFTs and Beyond in Near Protocol/MintBase led by Lenara Verle

November 14th and 28th | Token Economics and Value Flows by Sebnem Rusitschka

Please be ready 5 minutes before the sessions.

Mute your sound if you are not talking.

We will be using the NEAR Protocol.

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    Cannot watch the replays! It is not downloading the media???

    Any help with this?


  • Reyna J Perdomo

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