Let's get to know each other a little bit.  Please introduce yourself by replying to this post.  


  1. Post YOUR IMAGE- Upload of yourself in your current context.  
    1. Think about placing yourself somehow OFF CENTER in the frame and keep in mind the negative space of the image.  
    2. There are many mobile apps such as instagram and free online image editors such pixlr as you can use to edit your image if you like, but this is not the focus of this  exercise.  We just want to see you and your space.
    3. if you post in another app or website, please tag it with the #metaacademy tag (just put #metaacademy in the title or description or in a comment on the app)
  2. Post YOUR PRACTICE: FIVE WORDS that are at the center of your activity/practice/research right now
  3. Post YOUR QUESTION: any questions or suggestions that tell us something about what you hope to learn through meta-academy this summer
  4. Please also upload a short BIO or link to your bio or website.

The system also allows to reply to each post...

reach to other participants posts!

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Hi CoCo!

Nice to see you again.

Hello to everybody,

I am Ariadne Mikou

I am living between London (UK), Venice (IT) and Thessaloniki (GR - country of origin) where I am working professionally trying to link performance, dance making, teaching and research. I am currently pursuing my Practice-as-Research PhD at the Dance Department of the University of Roehampron in London, U.K.. In my research I am trying to explore the role of visual thinking (diagrams) in the making of kinaesthetic choreographic environments.  I am particularly interested in creating experiential and surrounding choreographic environments that shift the experience of the audience from watching dance to inhabiting spaces and atmospheres made through dance, and the role of technology is most of the times fundamental inside of them.

My practice includes: moving, reading, writing, watching dance, making diagrams, image making

I got really interested in the Meta-academy, because it connects two places really important for me: Columbus, OH where I was living for 3 years in order to pursue my M.F.A. in Dance from The Ohio State University


Vienna (AT) where I auditioned before I started a new circle in my life at The Biennale of Venice (Dance Section) in Italy. I am also really curious to listen to other dance artists who are invited to speak in Meta-academy defining their process, and I hope that through that I will be able to articulate better and understand deeper mine.

Here you may find more information about my work:


Hi Ariadne, 

Thanks for joining us. I am at the World Dance Alliance conference right now and they had a whole bunch of panels addressing site and technology and audience relations. Here is the schedule.  Maybe some of the researchers will be new to you.  

Best, Rachel

Thank you Rachel,

I see that it is quite broad the Conference. Really interesting!!!

If it is possible and your time allows it, please keep me updated...

Quite a few names are familiar to me. But the one that is most familiar is the one of Annie Kloppenberg. I have seen that you are presenting together your paper. Please give a hug to Annie!!! We know each other since we were classmates at OSU :-)



hi everyone! 

My name is Ellen Maynard. I am excited to participate in Meta Academy again this summer, it is a joy to connect with fellow artists in such a unique way. 

Here is my bio, third person and all!

Ellen Maynard is a dance artist and filmmaker, originally from the West coast, now based in Brooklyn. Ellen graduated from The Ohio State University in 2013 with a BFA in dance and a minor in video art. During her time at Ohio State, Ellen performed in original works by Bebe Miller, Lily Skove, Ann Sofie Clemmensen, Esther Baker-Tarpaga, Ohad Fishof, and Noa Zuk. Ellen is dancing for Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance, and Quentin Burley. Ellen is currently working at Bates Dance Festival as Director of Photography for Stephan Koplowitz’s Dance Film Project.  


My Practice: circles, cycles, dance film, collaboration, site specific 

My Question: How do artists renew their inspirations in their art forms? Either in new projects or an ongoing project. 

Hello guys and girls:)

my name is Frosina Dimovska. I'm joining in a bit late, I was away (from internet as well) when everything started, I hope I'll catch up.

Here's a semi-official semi-short bio:

I am a dancer and a dance teacher from Novi Sad, Serbia. My background is mostly classical, I was trained and employed as a classical dancer for many years in the corps de ballet of the Serbian National Theater, and now I teach ballet and reneissance/baroque dances in the local school. I am an active member of the New Dance Forum, a contemporary dance project within the SNT, in which I participate as a dancer/performer and lately as a co-organizer of an educational program for dancers with and without formal dance education.

I'm also a member of Per.Art organization from Novi Sad, working in the Art and Inclusion program for art and creativity of persons with intellectual disability, mostly participating in creation of theatre shows, but also on other activities of the group members. Whenever I have the opportunity, I work on choreography or stage movement in theatre plays and children plays, alone or with a colleague (I really enjoy team work and working as a co- something:)

I have a somewhat neglected passion towards translating, I graduated in French language and litterature; unfortunately, I rarely find the time to devote to that..

My practice (and my interests) include learning - I wish I could make a living from only doing that:), but now I am also interested in transferring knowledge and in different approaches to teaching; I'm turning more and more towards yoga and somatic practises; I'm interested in communication, language(s), theater in general, different ways of moving.

I'm not sure if the Meta-Academy will work for me, because I'm a bit old-fashioned, so somewhat distrustful towards (and pretty clumsy with) new technologies and social networks, but I believe that this is a logical thing to do in today's society. The principal question for me is if I will find a way to fit in and change my perspective/broaden my horizon...

And now I've got some catching up to do!:)


Hi Ellen,

In response to your question, I'd say a constant curiosity keeps driving my artistic work ( and my life). If I feel that I need to renew the inspiration for my work: I try to learn something that is completely out of the realm of my art form and then come back to relate it. Suddenly the limitations of the art form become possibilities. 

I have a question for you regarding this platform. You mentioned you are participating again in the Meta Academy, I'm curious about your previous experience, what is it that made you return? Anything you might want to share,

Thank you

p.s. Koplowitz is the Dean of my school (CalArts), say to him for me. :P Have fun at Bates


I'm Yanina Orellana, from Guadalajara, México.

I'm currently studying my undergraduate degree in Dance at California Institute of the Arts. Also, I was recently part of a Summer Residency for Teaching Artists that has broadened the way I think about Art and Education.

I'm a young teacher who is questioning what a "trained" dancer means and its relevance. 

I'm a young choreographer interested in how we define ourselves through technology (like right now more or less) and how it changes the way we relate and communicate to each other; online and offline. 

I'm very interested in how this meta-academy operates and its possibilities. 

I'm hoping to engage in dialogue and finally find people that have the same interests. 

choreographer/ collaborator in learning / agency        / teaching artist / people

young and idealistic? whatever, lets see what happens. 


Humans exploring collaboration, coops, hybrid art, dance, embodiment, cognition, tech-science, networks, post-humanism and culture.



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