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    2. There are many mobile apps such as instagram and free online image editors such pixlr as you can use to edit your image if you like, but this is not the focus of this  exercise.  We just want to see you and your space.
    3. if you post in another app or website, please tag it with the #metaacademy tag (just put #metaacademy in the title or description or in a comment on the app)
  2. Post YOUR PRACTICE: FIVE WORDS that are at the center of your activity/practice/research right now
  3. Post YOUR QUESTION: any questions or suggestions that tell us something about what you hope to learn through meta-academy this summer
  4. Please also upload a short BIO or link to your bio or website.

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Hi I'm Rachel Boggia.  I am a choreographer, performer, video editor and Assistant Professor of Dance in the Bates College Department of Theater and Dance. Here is my website for more information.

My practice is: contemporary dancing, improvising, interviewing, editing, learning through making, educating, yoga, digital technologies, isadora

My Questions are:

How can we share embodied practices online?

How to ask the right questions to help local festival communities engage in fertile exchange with one another?

What are others hoping to get out of this experience?

Have a good trip!!!

My practice is as a dancer, a choreographer, a filmmaker and curator at ScreenDance Festival.

I hope to be part of some of the discussions and be inspired this summer!



What do yo expect from  this process? Where is the festival?

Hi, I'm Eve Hermann.

I help run a small collaborative music/dance/performance space in Columbus, OH. I practice craniosacral therapy. Those are the things that have income, make up part of who I am. I am also a mother, a beekeeper, writer, new-to-dance dancer and I'm on the Taking PLace committee, the first stop for Meta-Academy this year!

My practice is centered around presence, writing, noticing, gravity and reframing questions.

Questions that came up for me from interacting with Peter Kyle and K.J. Holmes over the past few days include:

How do they have the energy for what they do? The constant traveling, if it is constant?

What is most important to them in their teaching right now? In their performing? In their practice when they aren't teaching or performing?

What are they working from from their past experiences that they are surprised is coming up?

What future knowledge and/or experience are they aiming for?

What is the name of the space?

can you post the questions for them in the other discussion?  they are parts of the group!!!


Outside... Peaks Island, Maine, Mu home until the 15th of July

Yet, glued to the screen...

screenshot of app that I am developing for ImPulsTanz 2014...
I will be there from July 15th to Augyst 17th!

Happy that it was submitted today to the App Store! now waiting waiting!

My name is Marlon Barrios Solano and from a movement and media arts perspective, I experiment with networked technologies for the development of collaborative environments for knowledge production and creative practices.
I am interested on minds, mind bodies alternative knowledge economies, contemporary performance practices of generosity and alternative collaborative lifestyles.I am a practitioner of Vipassana meditation.

I found this cool txt that conveys my aspiration:

 " a new professional figure: the one of the “artivator”, activator of artistic projects for a Responsible Social Transformation, a figure bringing together the characteristics and skills of the artist, the curator, the social entrepreneur and the cultural project manager.

We feel that today it is essential to grow skills for a direct and strong action in the contexts the artist inhabits. That is to say that the school of art needs to be more and more a school of inhabiting as an active citizen of a civil community, what we call demopraxy.

Creating demopractical artivators today means helping them to play the role of an enzyme driving force of change, each in their own context. 
Unidee's mission is therefore to supply skills and instruments. 
Unidee wants to be a Power Plant of Social Transformation through art, constantly available to a wider and wider, more and more articulated and prepared global community of change makers."
Last week, Lisa Kraus wrote a generous and  intelligent article about my work and she ends with a phase that becomes now my question:
"Solano’s projects show how for dance the internet can be, instead of isolated bodies on screens, a platform for discovery, exchange and, most surprisingly, “moving” physical experience."
How can we realize this vision?
What are the  implication of contemporary choreographic and training practices?
Why is this relevant?
how we create knowledge together?
How is it different?
Process, process process? Am I just stubborn?
Key words:
love, dance, mind, generosity, relational, ecological, collaboration, change


Hi! I'm Nicole Garlando, or Cole. I am a dance-maker, performer, painter and walker. I also coordinate dance happenings and love to capture movement on video. I serve as a dance educator and administrator, and am intrigued by neurosciences, movement, and mindfulness.


My practice: dancing, writing, breathing, mistakes, love.


when does the process end? does it have to?

what do we nurture in the studio that we do not allow outside?

what do we reveal about ourselves and to ourself through collaboration?


Hi, I am Lila Moore. I am currently developing short pieces of networked performance on Waterwheel. I am involved in rituals, myths, ecology, the spiritual, exploration/transformation of consciousness and life on Earth. I am also developing networked workshop/s based on my practice-based PhD in Dance on Screen (Middlesex University, 2001) with new interactive content and options. Plus, this summer I observe how children interact with a 3D footage of the Dolphin Dance Project.

My practice is:  artist/film-maker, networked performance/screen-dance, artivism, educating, writing/researching, holistic counseling.

My website: www.screeningthespirit.com

I am fascinated by aspects of embodiment and disembodiment on, through, and in between, screens. I was already inspired and triggered by Peter Kyle's notion of the body as an antenna especially in this screen-based interactive/networked context, which is also linked to my interest in consciousness and its expression. I am also interested in new ways to learn and teach online.

This is a general question: What types of art forms, perceptions of art and conversations are currently evolving from the interaction of the body, screen and digital technologies? 

Nice to meet you, Lila!

I was also inspired by Peter Kyles's notion of the (two way) antenna.  Looking forward to discussing the body/screen /body with you. 



My name is CoCo Loupe. I am currently back in Columbus, OH as one of the participating artists for Taking PLace.

My website/bio/CV: http://cocoloupedance.com/biocv/

5 words that say something about my process/practice: treading, repetition, seeing, compulsion, sketching

No specific questions. Just listening in and getting acquainted with the way that info/ideas are transmitted.

I stick to this series of thoughts as much as I can...................

when there is everything else in the world to do…make a dance…make conversation…
make /yourself/someone happy…make art…make money…make something…
create something excellent and good…and then do it all over again.


Humans exploring collaboration, coops, hybrid art, dance, embodiment, cognition, tech-science, networks, post-humanism and culture.



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