Screenshot from video interview An Emergent Undersore on
Screenshot from video interview An Emergent Undersore on

Lab Details:

  • The lab activities include: embodied activities, guest lectures, small creative projects using online tools to explore a pool of written and video resources, threaded discussions, and online synchronous video encounters (video chats).
  • The time commitment is 4-8 hours per week for 3 weeks spanning July 22-August 10 2013. Participants are expected to commit to do the whole lab.
  • The lab is offered FREE of charge and uses free internet-based tools aggregated  on a  group and other free platforms such as: google plus+, YouTube, Tweeter, etc.
  • The lab is open to all interested: dance, movement and multimedia artists, teachers, scholars researchers, journalists, writers and more.
  • Benefits of participation include: increased understanding of on-line collaboration, increased literacy in internet-based creative tools, exposure to core principles of Nancy Stark Smith’s teaching, membership in a strong intellectual and creative community, and much more.
  • The language of facilitation and presentation is English.
  • If interested in participating, contact by July 19, 2013.

How it works:

  • EMBODIED ACTIVITY Each week, on-line participants focus on something that Nancy is teaching in her course at the Bates Dance Festival. For example, Nancy Stark Smith or the lab facilitators might share a score for solo movement or a compositional exercise through video or text directions. Lab participants will try the exercise at the beginning of each week.
  • ONLINE CREATIVITY Each week, the lab facilitators will suggest online creative activities for the lab participants related to the embodied activity. These might include: blogging, micro-blogging, video mashups, screen-dances, online editing, collaborative writing and editing, collaborative curation of images and videos, playlist essays, mind and conceptual mapping, collaborative word cloud and  networked performance actions using the The Tap platform All participants will be credited as collaborators. All material produced in this lab is available for remixing and mashup and it is delivered with a Creative Commons Licenses.
  • GUEST LECTURES/LIVE CHAT Each week, lab participants will meet in a Google+ hangout to hear a short lecture by a guest expert on a topic such as body politics/theory, composition, or training. All lab participants, Nancy Stark Smith, and the expert will then discuss the topic and debrief about the week’s activities. Guest lectures are listed below. Hangout times will be announced soon. The video from this encounter will be archived and made available and become part of the creative assets of the projects.
  • RESOURCE POOL Supplemental resources such as readings, images, and videos will be made available to-- and editable by-- participants.
  • ONLINE FORUM A forum moderated by Dr. Hannah Kosstrin will allow lab participants to discuss concepts, activities and resources.
  • SUPPORT Lab facilitators will be available every day for conceptual and technical assistance.Word cloud of the text of this page created with
Word cloud of the text of this page created with

Roles and participation:

Everyone in the lab is considered a co-creator and is valued as an artist and designer of the shared experience. Therefore, we propose the following structure, but are open to shifts and feedback.

Lab co-facilitators suggesting structure for lab experience, available for consultation:

Core expert providing core content and consult on structure:

Guest experts providing specific content through lectures and discussions in Google Hangouts:


Lab participants: participating in Lab activities, produce creative projects, consulting on structure:

  • You!

* Suzon will lead a spacial demo on the network performance platform

** Josephine is collaborating as  social media and e-learning consultant partner for @ Bates 2013

meta-academy@Bates 2013 is the first pilot of the project conceived by Marlon Barrios Solano with the partial yet crucial  support of:

All material produced in this lab is available for remixing and mashup and it is delivered with a a Creative Common License.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.



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