Instructions for #MetaAcademy Week 3 CORE Assignment

Collaborative Mind Mapping

*Please make sure that you've received your invitation to collaborate on the mind map. If not, fill out the form mentioned in Step 1 below. Please do this by Sunday, August 11. Your contribution to the mind map should be completed by Wednesday, August 14, if possible.

Mind map definition: Graphical technique for visualizing connections between several ideas or pieces of information. Each idea or fact is written down and then linked by lines or curves to its major or minor (or following or previous) idea or fact, thus creating a web of relationships. 


In a mind map, information is structured in a way that mirrors how the brain functions - in a branched rather than linear manner. Here’s an example of a mind map in the form of Visual Thesaurus, which shows synonyms in a graphical representation:

Why is this important?

Everyone has their own personal knowledge web, connecting everything we know about objects together; for example, red is connected to fire, blood, love, etc. If one section of the networking models is activated, the surrounding links are activated. Our experiences shape these connections and everybody’s ‘semantic network models’ are different. Collaborative mind mapping takes a topic and links everything we know about this topic together.

Objective: The purpose of the mind map assignment is to learn how to visualize information by drawing the connections between information, while collaboratively building our own semantic network model.

1. Invitation to collaborate on the mind map - Please complete this part by Sun, August 11 at the latest

Check your email for an invitation to collaborate on the mind map. If you cannot find it, please check your spam folder. If it’s still not there, go to and fill out the form to request another invite to be sent.

2. Collaborate on the mind map -Please complete this part by Wed, August 14 at the latest

Once you’ve received the invitation to collaborate on the mind map, go to and create a username and log in. Once you’ve logged in, go to and click Edit to view and edit the mind map.

Here’s a video tutorial that goes through the basics of mind mapping in

and here’s a guide to the Mind Map Editor interface:

Using the Emergent Underscore interview that you’ve already tagged in a previous assignment, map your thoughts and insights, distilling the elements of the interview to its essence. You can map from your tags and/or other people’s tags and/or you can watch the interview again and/or you can abstract it in some other way and map it.

We’ve started the mind map for you. Just fill in more branches with your insights.

3. Harvest

Reflect on the processes and interactions. Take screenshots of the mind map. You can zoom into or out of the mind map by adjusting the slider at the top.

You can also save an image by clicking on “MetaAcademy Interview Mapping” at the top and selecting Export, then export as PNG.


4. Sharing

Post screenshots of the mind map to this discussion thread.

Happy Mapping! :)

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Replies to This Discussion

Hi, y'all,
I have a quick question...I believe for this assignment you want us to add to the mind map you've already made.
Or, can we make our own mind map and collaborate with others on this??

Hi, Glenna!

Yes, exactly - we would like you to add to and/or edit the mind map that we've started, so that we can have one mind map collaboratively created by the group. Can't wait to see what our 'hive mind' creates! :)

cheers, ~Josephine

Fab, thanks, Josephine

Hi, everyone,
Well, not sure I've been too successful at this one. Many of my tools in Mind Map are ghosted and I don't quite see the ease of finding new nodes and putting in new terms and I end up just clicking a lot trying to see how it all works. The screen shot doesn't capture the whole page, but I've given it a try anyway. I also can't see how to readily save it except to 'publish'. The saving method is not the same as demonstrated in the online video. Oh well, I think I'll work on one of my own, just to get the hang of it. My core word would have been different anyway - Somatic Sanctuary. Let me try again perhaps.


Hi, Glenna - You should be able to edit the core word & change it to Somatic Sanctuary, if you like. Regarding your tools being ghosted: check first that you are selecting a node/word -- if nothing is selected then the tools might be greyed out, but if you select a word or node, then the tools become enabled. (It's context-sensitive). Try that and let me know if it helps! cheers

Apparently I am not an editor, so I can't make any changes collaboratively to the mind map.  Any advice?  Same as Glenna, maybe?

Hi, Sue - I just checked the mindmap and you are listed as an editor (which means you probably clicked the link to accept the invite received by email). Could you make sure that you are truly logged in to and then go to the mindmap at


Also, check what I wrote to Glenna too regarding selecting: check first that you are selecting a node/word -- if nothing is selected then the tools might be greyed out, but if you select a word or node, then the tools become enabled. (It's context-sensitive).

- so many things overlap; so it was nice to 'take a leap' and start a new node with a subcategory touched upon in other nodes but in different ways

- I would not think to pair/connect/structure certain words the way participants already have so this was interesting for me to see a new connection or juxtaposition for a new understanding, or even a new tangent


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