Instructions for #MetaAcademy Week 2 CORE Assignment

Duet & Trio Google Hangouts 

PLEASE COMPLETE PARTS 1 and 2 of the assignment ASAP.  The actual hangout should be completed by Wednesday, August 7 if possible.

Objective: The purpose of the Duet & Trio Google Hangouts is to learn how to build an awareness of the shared space, presence and processes, through casual interaction and collaborative whiteboarding in the Google Hangout platform.


1. Scheduling (Please complete ASAP by Friday, August 2 at the latest)

First, figure out who you can pair up with by filling out this Doodle scheduler: Go to and mark the dates and times you are available for a 1-hour Google Hangout. Note that there are 8 dates from which to choose (July 31 - August 7). Please enter your full name, i.e., “Jane Doe” as opposed to “Jane D.”


If you don’t see all the dates, expand the schedule by clicking on the table in the area that appears as an ‘accordion’ fold, as indicated below:


Once the Doodle scheduler starts being filled out by everyone, you’ll be able to see who has time to meet at the same time you do. (See example below).

Once you mark your time availabilities, go back and check the link ( ) later to see who shares the same time availabilities.

2. Contact (Please complete by Sunday, August 4 at the latest)

Once you see someone that shares the same time availabilities, contact them via by entering their name in the Search box in the upper right corner. Once you find them in the Search results, click on the profile link, then click on the Send a Message link underneath their profile picture. Propose to meet up via Google Hangout at the date/time during which you’re both available. *NOTE: if there are several people that share the same time availability, it is possible to meet up with 3 people but please keep it small - optimally 2-3 people per hangout.

3. Start the hangout

Log into and find the people with which you want to have a hangout.

We recommend that you designate one person to start the hangout. That way, it's clear who will be initiating the hangout.

You can find people by clicking the + button at the top of your Hangouts list (on the right side) and type the person’s name. Once the correct name displays, click the grey check mark next to the name. Repeat to add additional people. Once you’re ready to hangout, click the message button or the video call button.

When the hangout has been initiated, a new window will pop open displaying the camera views:

Note that there's a speaker rotation feature, in which whomever is talking gets featured in the main window. This makes conversations easier, as the speaker becomes more visible/apparent.

4. Enable the Scoot & Doodle whiteboard

Once you’ve said hello to your Duet or Trio partners, let’s start drawing together. Click on the Scoot & Doodle icon on the left side.

If you don’t see the Scoot & Doodle icon, you may need to expand the navigation area on the left


This will open the Scoot & Doodle whiteboard, upon which you can collaboratively draw together.

5. EKG Drawing

Once the Scoot & Doodle whiteboard displays, you’ll see a blank canvas, with a color palette on the right side and tools on the left side. Choose a color and brush size and try drawing on the canvas to get a feel for how it works. You can save that drawing by clicking Save or trash it by clicking on the trash can icon on the right side. Clear the canvas by clicking on the trash can icon.

Now that you have a blank canvas again, let’s draw our EKG’s together. The purpose of this is to connect to your body and connect to your partners through collaborative drawing. (Nancy Stark Smith introduced this idea in her "hieroglyphs" video.  You can watch it again here: CORE: Embodied Investigation with Nancy Stark Smith. Week 1.) First, choose your color and brush size, and have your hand on your mouse, ready to draw. Then, close your eyes and connect to your body. Draw an EKG (electrocardiogram) drawing that maps how your body feels right now. Each person can draw at the same time and it doesn’t matter if the drawings overlap. When you’re finished, have a look at your EKG’s and save them by clicking the Save button. Do a screen capture as well (Mac: Command + Shift + 3, PC: PrintScreen).

6. Drawing Glyphs

Next, let’s draw some glyphs together. If you need a refresher of what Nancy Stark Smith’s “hieroglyphs” are, check out the video CORE: Embodied Investigation with Nancy Stark Smith. Week 1.

Draw glyphs from the body -- let the body motion inform the drawings. When you’re each finished drawing glyphs, look at each other’s drawings and make a mark next to the drawings that resonate with you. Try drawing a glyph together too. Save these by clicking the Save button and do screen captures as well (Mac: Command + Shift + 3, PC: PrintScreen).

7. Movement Glyphs

Now that we’ve drawn some glyphs together, let’s make glyphs with our bodies. First, one person makes a glyph with their body, then the next person responds, and so on, until the process is continuous. The body glyphs are not representations of your drawings, rather they are gestural responses to your inner state.

(By the way, for fun we started to play with "google effects" which adds masks and props into your webcam image. That's why Rachel has a dog face and Josephine is wearing a monocle.)

Next, click on the Capture button to enable the camera function. This will allow you to take snapshots that are automatically saved to your Google Plus account under the “Photos” section.

Each person will now take turns and do some movement glyphs by themselves, while the partner(s) take snapshots of them.

The snapshots can be found in your Google Plus account, under the “Photos” section. You can download photos by clicking on them, then clicking the “More” link and “Download photo.”

8. Harvest

Reflect on the processes and interactions. Discuss any insights or discoveries.

9. Sharing

Post screenshots of the EKG’s, glyph drawings and movement glyphs to this discussion thread.

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Great thanks...was wondering how to make the overlay!!! Jeannette

google effects on the left side of the hangout

Thank you both for this.  Such beautiful work!

Yes... It was a beautiful experience!!!
And makes you think a lot.. about media, about another possibilities, about the restrictions and the advantages... And of course, about the body, the body of this era....

Ellen and Sandy's collaborative drawing, 8 Aug 2013

This is amazing guys!!!!

trio hangout



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