"Pressure" by Patrick Delisser, Tori Lawrence, Dahlia Silberg

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Comment by Danielle on March 23, 2009 at 2:22am
I very much enjoyed the opening shots, showing the body parts dripping with water, the hair and then slowly backing up to show the top half of the body. I also enjoyed showing the hands and the water on the hands. I actually longed to see the close up of the body more since I felt it cut to the full body prematurely. The movement was interesting since it seemed to be water like and flow, yet it was contrasted with sharp movements outwards. The dancers levels were satisfying, especially with the shower pole in the center, dividing the scene in half. Even the movement contrasting each other through speed was satisfying to watch. When the second dancer was introduced, I felt it was too abrupt. Perhaps the dancer could have been introduced through smaller parts, like the beginning. I also longed for more splashing of the water like in one scene where the dancer on the left splashes the dancer on the right. I enjoyed it for it showed connection between the dancers without actually crossing the center pole or creating physical contact. I do not know how the title fits the piece since the movement did not seem under any sort of "pressure". Maybe the left dancer was under pressure and the right dancer was not? Even though there was not many moving shots, I appreciated each moving shot there was and I do not believe there needed to be more. Lastly, the ending was nice with the sudden disappearance of the dancers, it made the dancers seem like the water, ever fleeting.
Comment by Tori Lawrence on March 22, 2009 at 10:20pm
to answer the antibacterial/bathing question:
no, i have not bathed yet nor have I changed my clothes. it has been a little over a week, yes i know. but i thought that I could share all of the bacteria/mold/shower creatures with you all in class tomorrow. looking forward to it :)
Comment by Kiki on March 22, 2009 at 7:03pm
oh no i left my notes at the bottom again, you would think i had learned the first time.
Comment by Kiki on March 22, 2009 at 7:03pm
I enjoyed the build up in the beginning of shots, particular the close up of hands feeling the water- a sensation that all can relate to. It heightened my own senses. I'm overall not a huge fan of fade to black and I'm not sure how necessary they were in the beginning. They seemed to confuse my sense of time in the piece. My favorite movement was Tori flicking the water away. It showed urgency and the sense of pressure from the title. I agree with what others have said about a sense of double personality displayed by the two characters. As Dahlia was highlighted more in the piece, perhaps Tori represents a heightened sense of urgency that the other is not necessarily able to physically display but still is feeling. The camera movements worked well with the piece particularly given the restriction of the space of the area (and the possibility of the camera getting wet.) Your video has a circular structure- beginning and ending with the same shot of the empty shower. When used in a literary context, circular structures evoke the circle of life and death. Perhaps this video is about more than just the pressure in the shower?

flickering movements

hard to tell apart in the water
kicking the water face in the water
tori moving fast while dahlia relishes in the water
hand movements- examining whether or not cleaned yet- flicking the water away as though something did not want each doing their own thing
Comment by Heather on March 22, 2009 at 5:17pm
Here we go note transcribing for the last time...

Shower tinkles... I am struck by the opening drops and how this builds into small streams pouring over the hands, arms, and hair. I appreciate the crossfading in the beginning it feels like surreal blinking and it works for me. The motif of the hands curling and uncurling is quite strong I appreciate that it becomes this returning image over and over and how that is almost paralleled in the movement itself.
Dahlia and Tori look the same while soaked... go figure... It works so well for this film. I see a split personality. Tori struggling weighted on the floor pushing things away and I see the heavy weight in her movements. Dahlia is this lighter half floating above the struggle (I see hippy spinning in field of flowers quality almost but that kind of lightness to her). One moment that I found so striking is the pan from tori on the floor up to Dahlia. OH dahlia. It was so so kinesthetically satisfying to watch the simplicity of you rolling your head back and forth under the stream and the water just splashing over your neck. So so so striking. I could feel myself relaxing in the shower with you.

Struck by another moment... this time nice framing the one where dahlia and tori are on opposite sides of the shower post thing. Tori is kneeling and Dahlia standing again my split personalities where Tori in lower and trapped in this tense weighty world and dahlia is floating higher up. THEN THE ARM CIRCLES! They play into this whole imagery thing going on in my head. Dahlia's are light and fluffy like whipped cream and Tori's are almost lashing out against something. Oh and how they take their time to emerge from the parallel repetition. Striking.

Then this sequence develops right... I was struck by the nice moments of connection between the phrases so while they did not necessarily interact.. they are two halves of the split personality so I accepted their coexistence and non interaction thing. I longed for more speed or more punctuation in the movement especially since there are not juicy close ups. Its just one long wide shot.

I was struck by the ending though so to almost blah medium speed of the shower worked with the punctuation of the where did they do moment at the end. It feels very Becketty in the shower. Can I say that? well I just did.

ps- AbA structure so textbook and so satisfying. Nice choice.

pps- I second Ashley's antibacterial concerns. Tori have you bathed hardcore since then?
Comment by Ashley on March 21, 2009 at 11:28am
Kudos on filming in a difficult location, good stuff. I will repeat, I hope that you guys (mostly Tori) bathed in antibacterial something or another.

I definitely got a sense of weight from the hair and clothes being drenched - the weight of it went hand in hand with "pressure to me. I was immediately struck by the opening close-ups of the metal, the water slowly dripping, and the hands rippling; the softness the opening sets me up for Dahlia's sharp toss-back of the head.

I saw two people with different movement qualities, but only Tori's really spoke to the intensity and strength that I think the word "pressure" indicates. After watching a wet Tori dart and jerk all over the shower, I got more of the sense of weight and force that I expected. Dahlia's movement, although lovely, seemed a bit too delicate for "pressure", I think. I appreciated that they were made to have different qualities, though.

I realize this was filmed in a location that does not offer a wide range of camera angles, but I felt there were some really effective uses of the moving camera anyway. I thought it was incredibly satisfying, for example, when the camera follows a slowly rising Tori slowly up the shower post and then quickly catches her as she slides to the ground. It gave me a sense that I was falling with her and being taken down by some force or "pressure". There were some subtle camera movements that I also appreciated more than the still shots: when Tori is sliding around the floor, the camera is definitely moving slightly - I felt that this breath of the camera gave the image a real sense of panic, like watching someone struggle to get out of something in a horror movie. I also thought the back and forth between the two dancers was a nice surprise: in the beginning, it took me a while to even realize that there were actually two dancers in the shower dancing in the locations that they were in because of how the film only shows separate shots of them. I thought this was a nice progression: focus on each dancer separately, then move the camera back and forth between them, and then end with both dancers in view with a static shot. I thought it was clever how the shower post divided the two dancers in the end shot like a wall or mirror, but I felt like this could have been played with more. I'm not sure if I felt comfortable with how Tori crosses to Dahlia's side. I thought that the ending, which has the dancers suddenly disappear, would have been more effective somehow if there was more of a wild build in their movements before the vanishing.

I'm glad the footage was retrieved from public safety, good work :)
Comment by hang pham on March 20, 2009 at 12:20pm
This video is both strong and creative in terms of choreographing and video making. The location is ideal for this dance (and a memorable place for patrick). The editing is also strong with intentional cuts between moving and static shots.
I am struck by the opening where impressive close-ups are put together in a very interesting way which consists of intentional cuts, nice texture effects and adequate transitions. However, the strong impression seems to vanish as I follow the sequence. I would expect more detailed close-ups as well as different camera angles by the end of the dance (to creat a kind of climax). It may be because of the location that Patrick can only "play" with one camera direction, thus the boundaries of the moving shots are limited. The dance is emotional and imposing but it is not fully depicted because of the same reason. The last scene, I don't know if it is on purpose, but the sudden disappearance of the dancers when the dance is still flowing is interupting to me. You may end the video with some other striking shots as in the beginning to creat a lasting impression and make the video progress fluidly.
After all, you guys have done a good work. I would like to thank Jeremy to "rescue" such an awesome footage!
Comment by Ashley on March 16, 2009 at 11:14pm
This doesn't count as my participation/thoughtfulness comment, but I seriously hope that you guys took an actual shower after this shoot...

Comment by Tori Lawrence on March 16, 2009 at 6:27pm
okay, please don't kill us Jeremy, but we totally accidentally misspelt your name at the end. sorry about that.

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