Crossing is a movement laboratory and as its characteristics is to explore and give space to experimentation and exploring body movements and creative dynamics within and by the group aiming a development of a choreography.

Using the body as a tool of art and the singularity of each one as a part of the diverse and multi faced mosaic of life, meeting in a choreography.

Laboratory Crossing is calling to all, people from different backgrounds and life experience to join and integrate this process of movement research that will result in a public intervention in Rotterdam.
How is it gonna work

The laboratory will be divided basically in two phases :

Indoors :
A laboratory dedicated to experimentation and creativity based on body movement and an exchange among the participants and his own material as a individual and creator.
Outdoors :
Time to occupy the public space. Also to experiment and adapted things developed into the first phase of the laboratory to the outdoors and in relation with the space, the urban environment and the alterity, the others, the passerby.

How the days of research are going to be conducted
My process of facilitation is a regular basis class of body awareness and dynamics that allow body and mind to access ways of expression and creativity, as inherent part of each singular human being. The dynamics flows from contemporary dance to games, and body somatics practices that awake and brings up momentum of inspiration and flow. As much as every body practice the surrender and openness of the individual is determined to the absorption and embodying the techniques given during the process

Every day of the Laboratory is as it meant to be, an experiment. Experiencing art as a gesture and an urge to express the individuals and its constraints and joys. As much this choreography is a process of social aspect, that include participation and collectivity as basis to its construction and realization.

Who is invited to join
The laboratory is to those who are open to learn, to challenge himself, not afraid to failure and to embrace the unexpected. Every single one, professionals or non professionals of performative fields, or different backgrounds are warmly invited to join the laboratory.

The laboratory is designed to all that want to increase the body experience in art, and to awake awareness and consciousness through movement and dance.
The participants must be aware about his own body and the responsibility of working in a group, as well, being open to touch, to receive and to exchange in an environment and openness to the alterity, and to respect limits, as much to try to go through them.
The participants must be prepared to perform in many different levels of physicality.

Where to meet
Worm - Boomgaardsstraat 71 3012 XA Rotterdam.
from 15th until 24th January - from 11 until 14 o’clock at Worm. The schedule can be adapted during the laboratory due the request of the group.
The location of the public intervention will be determined during Laboratory.
Between 15th and 20th January the group is going to meet at Worm to do a research in body movement and build up a choreography.
From 20th until 23th the groups is going to meet up in the streets of Rotterdam to be the spot to tryout the experiments done indoors.
The 24th is going to happen a Social demonstration of our experiments.
Each one contribute according their possibilities and financial conditions.

About the choreographer
Tizo All is a performance artist and a mover. He has been relating his artwork not only as art maker and individual, but also a collaborator to many other initiatives and projects in art and social participation. He is also a social scientist that defend the idea of a "Practical Anthropology".

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