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At 12:21am on June 14, 2008, Lorelei said…
dance on film, dance and technology, cognitive science, future studies is yet to be here in Manila,
or I could be wrong...

I hope these fields of study and endeavors would flourish here in the Philippines in this lifetime.
At 12:16am on June 14, 2008, Lorelei said…
contemporary dance scene in Manila
At 3:55pm on June 8, 2008, Ludmila Pimentel said…
hola marlon,

gustaria de divulgar un taller que vamos ofrecer yo y mariana carranza en la ciudad de munich en 1,2,3 agosto
el flyer con las informaciones estah en esta direccion,
el taller se llama interactive Arch bodies o simplismente
i-Arch bodies,

At 9:08am on June 3, 2008, Oliver Scott said…
Hey Marlon
thanks for the welcome. Just getting to know my way around the site. Really interesting stuff to read and view. Glad i've found it.
At 11:46pm on May 1, 2008, marlon barrios solano said…
Hola Brisa,
que bueno que me escribiste directamente. Ahora si pdemos seguir en contacto. Vi la site y me gusto y me encantaria colaborar contigo o ustedes.
Creo que si debemos hacer y mostrar trabajos en espaniol.
Cuenta conmigo.
Estas en Chile?
Aoguien me contacto para un festival el Mexico... pero no he recibido mas mensajes.
OK, lo que podemos hacer es hace una entrevista en espaniol via skype ya que no tengo nada escrito es enpaniol.
Me interesaria exporar el potencial del internet para el desarrollo de nuestra communidad y de una manera mas interactiva y espontanea. Una conversacion...
que te parece?
Hay una entreviesta en espaniol con Jaime del Val que es bastante interesante y complejo:
este es el link y puedes agarrar el embed code y ponerlo directamente en tu sitio

Un abrazo,
At 10:55pm on April 29, 2008, BRISA MP said…
Hola Marlon , me he incluido en este sitio y ya soy miembro!!. Espero visites mi sitio que he abierto el pasado año y te extiendo la invitación a colaborar ya que es un sitio primordialmente en español, aunque intento ir traduciendo algunas cosas...en danza y tecnología sería bueno contar con algo tuyo en español, por ahora nos a colaborado Scott De LaHunta y Johannes Brinnger(texto que estamos traduciendo) , por lo mismo sería bueno pudieras contribuirnos con tu experiencia. El sitio es el primero sitio web en Chile que intenta dar cabida estas nuevas producciones y otras basadas en la interdisciplina ya sea en términos de difusión, exhibición y reflexión primordialmente para artistas y obras Latinoamericanas...esto luego del 2006 en Mónaco Dance Forum y una residencia artistica que tuve en Portugal...etc etc. El sitio tiene 7 meses pero cada día ha ido aumentado sus visitas
Espero tomemos contacto...
Saludos y suerte!!
Brisa MP
PD: perdona te escriba en español pero leí tu perfil y ví que eras de Venezuela!! De ahi y todo esto...
At 3:42pm on April 27, 2008, Annabel van Baren said…
Hi Marlon,

Thanks a lot for your message. I am so happy that I found this network -- it is so dense and rich! I think I might need to set myself some maximum time limits while browsing around...

Thanks for sending the links to the podcasts - I do find the interview with Robert Wechsler thought-provoking - he certainly does have a broad experience with the use of technology in performances. Lisa Nelson's approach in which she combines practice, research and teaching is something I will need to take some more time to explore and think through. Will get back to you as soon as I have formulated some 'intelligent' remarks...

Take care,
At 11:08pm on April 21, 2008, Marya said…
Mira el video que puse... bye
At 2:31am on April 4, 2008, priest said…
Hi Marlon. Nothing that would interest this group. When I get my act together I'll post a site. Cheers!
At 9:46pm on April 3, 2008, Noemí Segarra said…
how fabulous you are!
At 2:35am on March 28, 2008, Gyoergy Pongracz said…
hi marlon,
i just added 3 robot videos

all best
At 6:49pm on March 23, 2008, xiaohua sun said…
Wow, that will be great! I look forward to the award :) Thanks Marlon for your welcome!
At 1:29pm on March 10, 2008, Martha Williams said…
Did I say hello yet? I can't even figure that out. Anyway, this really feels like a web. Being new to blogs, that's how it feels. But is starting to make since. I look forward to learning and sharing. Marlon thanks for the invitation to be your friend, even though I don't know you. I'm sure with time. I love the content of the site so far. I just completely my first film last year and did a large scale improvisational multi-media project around the same time with chris jordan and others. He posted a video of it about a week ago. I am definitely intrigued by the visual medium.
At 2:46pm on February 22, 2008, Georg Hobmeier said…
hi marlon,
not in the moment. i'm in porto and will be back in amsterdam only in july.
all the best,
At 11:43pm on February 14, 2008, marlon barrios solano said…
Hello P,
thank you!
I am having fun...
let me know if you have any questions...
At 11:00pm on February 14, 2008, Phyllis Bulkin Lehrer said…
Hi Marlon,
I'm finally doing this.. it is a fabulous invention this blog thing of yours.. I'm not sure I understand the whole deal but I'm learning..I'm setting up a simple web site should be done soon..hope to work with you again.
all best'
At 7:35am on February 12, 2008, Lisa Parra said…
Hola, gracias por la bienvenida:) This is my first project with a new media artist. In the past I have worked with video artists and interactive sound composers. Sophie and I are attempting for this project to work with 3d scanning and 3d reconstruction from video. The focus of the project is body image, identity, gender and its instability. We have joined to see what others are doing to help inform our project. Lisa
At 6:14pm on December 26, 2007, Julie N. Cruse said…
Hey marlon -

no documentation. I talked to Tony and he wanted to make sure the students felt comfortable. I agreed, then, that that was for the best. Thanks for dinner - next time I'll have to give you more notice so I can spend more time with you. Phew - lots of stories for you.

At 11:15pm on December 21, 2007, Patrick Gallagher said…
hey! I think I remember coming in and dancing for your camera---it was the heat sensing one and was somehow connected to the music--very, very cool. So maybe I will be coming to school in NY. I'm not sure-- I'm applying to Sarah Lawrence and Bard, among others.
At 4:13am on December 16, 2007, robert wechsler said…
hello. thank you for your friend request - and while i am not sure what it means - i accept!
i moved a couple of times since we last met. first england, now in the countryside near stuttgart. still running palindrome. still dancing and making dances. still working with motion tracking. id actually been meaning to get in touch...
but first,, this site looks really good. nice work. i am happy to join!

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