RAN (Digital Arts Network): Fostering digital creation and innovation

The Digitals Arts Network, or RAN in French, offers a unique platform for the convergence of art, science and industry, removing the barriers between these sectors and opening up a unique space for creation and innovation. The RAN seeks to develop a collaborative approach aimed at fostering exchange, reflection and co-production between artistic, scientific and industrial structures. It promotes the synergy of cross-disciplinary expertise and helps bolster national and international cooperation.


- To promote interdisciplinary exchanges and reinforce ties between art, science and industry
- To pool resources, know-how and methods between digital arts research, production, distribution and training structures
- To develop co-production and the joint diffusion of works and tools, and to promote the mobility of those working in the area of digital creation
- To communicate on and support training and awareness-raising initiatives


The network currently comprises 31 members located both in France and beyond its borders (6 different nationalities are represented). The members include artistic production and diffusion sites, university research laboratories, industrial R&D hubs, resource and training centers, etc.

1. (ars) numerica _ Monbéliard_FR (Nicole et Norbert Corsino)
2. A(rt) Passionata_Caen_ FR (Nathalie Saïdi)
3. Art Sensitif Nice_FR (Jean-Noël Montagné)
4. Artefact – La Laiterie - Les Nuits de l'Ososphère_Strasbourg_FR (Thierry Danet)
5. Bodig_Istanbut_TU (Aylin Kaylen)
6. Body Data Space_London_UK (Ghislaine Boddington)
7. centre des arts_Enghien-les-Bains_FR (Dominique Roland)
8. Centre Wallonie Bruxelles_Paris_FR (Christian Bourgoignie)
9. Comédie de Caen – Centre Dramatique National de Normandie_Caen_FR (Aurélia Marin)
10. Didascalie.net_Paris_FR (Georges Gagneré)
11. Digital Flesh - Université Paris 8 _ Saint-Denis_FR (Armando Menicacci & Christian Delécluse)
12. Digital Performances & Culture_Toulouse_FR (Philippe Baudelot)
13. Ecole Supérieure de l'Image de Poitiers_Poitiers_FR (Emmanuelle Baud & Fabien Maheu)
14. Elektra_Montreal_CA (Alain Thibault)
15. Espace Multimedia Gantne - Conseil Général du territoire de Belfort_Bourogne_FR (Valérie Perrin)
16. Gaw Lab – Dakar Sénégal (Sylviane Diop)
17. K-danse_Toulouse_FR (Jean-Marc Matos)
18. L'Hexagone, scène nationale de Meylan_Meylan_FR (Antoine Conjard)
19. La Ferme du Buisson, scène nationale de Marne la Vallée_Marne-la-vallée_FR (Vincent Eches)
20. La Gaïté Lyrique_ Paris_FR (Jérôme Delormas)
21. Le Dansoir / L'auteur studio_Paris_FR (Karine Saporta)
22. Les Brigittines – centre culturel européen Bruxelles_BE (Véronique Barcelo)
23. Lieu Multiple - Espace Mendès France_Poitiers_FR (Patrick Treguer)
24. Mains d'Œuvres – CRAS Centre de Ressources Art Sensitif_Saint-Ouen_FR (Agnès Lefoulgoc)
25. MCD Musiques & Cultures Digitales_Paris_FR (Anne-Cécile Worms)
26. NABI art center_ Seoul_CO (Dooeun Choi)
27. Ness El Fen (Tunisie), Syhem Belkodja
28. Pôle ICI Industrie de la Créativité et Innovation_Nice_FR (Olivier Echapasse)
29. Pôle ModeSCoS Université de Caen Basse-Normandie_Caen_FR (Francis Lestienne)
30. Transcultures – centre interdisciplinaire des arts électroniques et sonores _ Mons_BE (Philippe Franck)
31. Université Paris 8 - département ATI arts et technologies de l’image_Paris_FR (Marie-Hélène Tramus)


Project no. 1 / A cross-disciplinary online digital arts guide
This online guide is designed to be an adaptable, open tool intended for artists, technicians, researchers and programmers. The purpose of this vast “real-time” directory is to inventory and centralize opportunities and expertise in the area of digital arts and, more notably, to draw up a national map of resource sites. The tree diagram refers back to various entries or sections containing information on training opportunities, platforms, university laboratories, corporate R&D centers, etc. The aim is to develop the database in 2010.

Project no. 2 / Support for pilot projects
A selection of artistic projects and digital tools (creation of performing arts shows, installations, software and materials) corresponding to a specific call for projects will receive the support of RAN members in 2010. The teams selected will be given the opportunity to complete a “research and creation track” which includes a mobile residency in specific locations (training center, research laboratory, cultural site, etc.) and incorporates critical observation and mediation experiences with the general public. The projects will be followed by a Support Committee and will receive co-production aid from RAN members.

Project no. 3 / A Watch on new uses and activities in the area of performing and visual arts
The purpose of this Watch is to draw the attention of institutions and professional organizations to the benefits of building stronger bridges between the professional and university spheres; to implement more pluridisciplinary “Art and Science” training opportunities; and to recognize the new skills and professions emerging in the world of digital arts.

Corps digitals en scène is a hybrid publication (book + DVD), both a reflective piece and a documentary. It was inspired by two concrete experiences: the 2nd Bains Numériques Festival (held on October 24-26, 2007, in Enghien-les-Bains, France) and the Digital Art Network (RAN), via the network’s “pilot experiences” that bring together researchers, creators and critical observers for cooperative projects in various university and cultural sites. (release date: June 2008, co-publication Centre des Arts _ La Lettre Volée)


The RAN aims to foster the development of digital arts via artistic, scientific and technical research, production, dissemination and mediation, training and education.

The RAN is comprised of artistic, scientific and industry research, training, production and dissemination structures working in the domain of digital creation.

The RAN does not defend any specific artistic or scientific school of thought. The RAN recognizes the different environments inherent to each of its members and respects the identity, objectives, functioning, artistic policies and means of each member. The aim is to leverage the elements that bring the partners together while preserving their distinguishing characteristics.

- The members of the RAN undertake to:

- Promote the intersection between research – production – dissemination – training / art – science – industry by:
1. Increasing cooperation between production, training, research and dissemination structures in the field of digital arts
2. Strengthening ties between art, science and industry
3. Promoting the circulation of knowledge developed in the artistic, scientific and technical realms
4. Fostering ties, exchanges of information and collaborative endeavors between cultural, scientific and industry players

- Increase the sharing of resources between structures by:
5. Facilitating technical and artistic experimentation, exchanges and the sharing of methods and expertise
6. Organizing host studios and joint residencies
7. Developing the co-productions of works
8. Facilitating the joint dissemination of works
9. Forging sustainable ties between the network’s participants
10. Informing other members of projects

- Help support projects by:
11. Providing follow-up and support to artists, technicians and researchers for the development of their projects and research
12. Planning interdisciplinary exchanges
13. Organizing experimental workshops
14. Promoting the mobility of artists and works

- Communicate and serve as a mediator by:
15. Supporting training and awareness-raising actions: workshops, meetings, master classes, etc.
16. Disseminating and printing the communication documents and reflection material of the member structures
17. Supporting the development of dedicated events and sites
18. Lobbying institutions for the protection and development of digital arts

Contact : ran@cdarts.enghien95.fr

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