Kyma International Sound Symposium in Vienna
Wiener Klangwerkstatt and Symbolic Sound invite you to submit a proposal to the Second Kyma International Sound Symposium (KISS 2010): Scheduled for 24-26 September 2010 in the newly renovated Casino Baumgarten in Vienna Austria (, the preliminary program includes master classes presented by the creators of Kyma, papers and demos presented by Kyma practitioners, and a program of concerts and other performances featuring Kyma. This year's theme is 'symbolic sound': Can non-speech sound convey meaning? Can sounds function as symbols? We will be addressing these questions using words, sound, music and image. Deadline for submission of proposals is April 11, 2010. For full details, see

Migration in 5.1 Surround Sound
In Migration, Hamilton Sterling and Jimmy Haslip, take us on a journey that begins in Senegal and ends up on another planet. Using Kyma timbre-scapes and live performances on bass and percussion, Haslip and Sterling create an immersive soundtrack tracing humankind's restless and inevitable journey out of Africa and outward to the stars. Inevitable in part due to what Huntington Ellsworth calls human kind's "innate migratory tendency" and partly due to "Nature's stern urgency" (COP15?). The best listening is in surround-sound with the lights dimmed: Side 1 (white band) of the DVD is a 5.1 Dolby Digital version and a 2 channel PCM 24-bit 48 kHz version. Side 2 (red band) is a 5.1 24 bit 48 kHz DVD-Audio 5.1 version; this is definitely a 'hi fi', 'audiophile' type experience. It's a soundtrack that creates its own visuals inside your head. Listen to a preview and order your own copy from Helikon Sound (, CDBaby, or Amazon. For a more detailed description of the music, see

Upcoming Kyma Master Class in Minnesota
Curious to learn more about Kyma? Carla Scaletti will present a full-day Kyma master class on Wednesday April 7 2010, in conjunction with the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS) national conference in St. Cloud, Minnesota ( The course is free with conference registration: If you'd like to participate in the master class and are unable to attend the conference itself, please contact Symbolic Sound to reserve a place ( The SEAMUS conference is 3 solid days and nights of electronic music concerts and presentations (including several live Kyma/Paca(rana) performances):

Animating Architecture in Toronto
Composer Edmund Eagan ( was commissioned to do the sound track for "E", a large scale video projection conceived and directed by Alain Couture for the 2009 Canadian National Exhibition ( Each night of the CNE (August 21st to September 7th, 2009), the exterior of the southeast entrance to the Direct Energy Centre was transformed into a giant canvas onto which fantastic building-sized images were projected. The animation was created using 3D software rendered against a 3D model of the actual building. The result was amazing optical illusions, creating the impression that the interior of the building was on fire, or that the building had transformed itself into a huge aquarium, a Mayan temple, or a Gothic cathedral, or that faces were extruding out from the stone and smiling down at the people below. The sound track, rich Kyma-based sound generation controlled by the Haken Continuum, Space Navigator, and Wiimote, was delivered through a quadraphonic sound reinforcement system.

E Promo 1 ( gives a sped up synopsis of some of the images from the original 30 minute presentation. The soundtrack for this excerpt is a section of the E score featuring a Continuum Fingerboard performance of a Mellotron flute sound designed and realized in Kyma. You might almost believe entire thing is a video animation until you notice people opening the doors and leaving the building. In this hilarious excerpt,, Eagan turns the Direct Energy Center into a giant game of Pong, complete with an ersatz Kraftwerk parody sound track (featuring Edmund's voice processed through Kyma). All buildings should look and sound like this whenever the sun goes down!

Imaginary Films in Tel Aviv
Avi Benjamin and Michael Vaisburd presented their new collaboration project, 'AVI Channel' (, on September 25, 2009 in Tel Aviv. Envisioned as 'sound tracks from imaginary films', AVI Channel embodies the artistic partners' energetic embrace of all music and sound genres, from classical to rock to jazz to electronic, to opera, to world music, live voice-processing, and even cuckoo clocks. "Beethoven" is a trope on a Beethoven piano sonata evoking Berio's Sinfonia in the logic and richness of its overlays of textures and styles. "Did you ever have the feeling?" is at various points, lively, humorous, wild, and zen. Seated in a cabaret setting, the audience is treated to an energetic spectacle including a full-sized Continuum controlling Pacarana aggregate and additive synthesis, a couple of electronic keyboards, a grand piano, 'virtual' performers appearing iChat-like on laptop screens and a trumpet player placed in the audience. Benjamin and Vaisburd are, respectively, musical director and sound designer for the Gesher theatre (, and their sense for staging and drama, along with Benjamin's training as a classical pianist and composer are very much in evidence. The audience responded enthusiastically and is now primed and ready for the next installment in this ongoing project.

Lighting the Fourth Fire of Anishnabe
TangLed LYSerGic PuddLEs oN CeLEstiAL thReads (aka Adam Sobel) can be seen using his Kyma/Pacarana system in his live set at Anishnabe Festival in Ottawa Canada:

Cygne Noir
Swiss television presented a 28 minute HD documentary on choreographer Gille Jobin's new dance work, Black Swan, with particular emphasis on his collaboration with composer Cristian Vogel: The documentary illustrates the ways in which choreographer, composer, and dancers collaborate throughout the development of the work (and includes some close-up shots of Cristian's Virtual Control Surface as well as excerpts from the dance from initial explorations, to rehearsals, to the premiere performance).

Bourges Winner
Scott Miller's ( 'Nebe na Zemi' was selected for the 36th Bourges International Competitions Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Art 2009 Competition in the Quadrivium - 6th category: work for installation or environment ( According to Miller "I quite literally couldn't have done it without Kyma!" Miller is working with long-time collaborator Pat O'Keefe preparing to record a new CD later this month featuring works for clarinet, bass clarinet, interactive electronics, and improvisation.

Music from the Future
Richard Devine utilized Kyma processing on his track for Music for Our Future, a compilation of music inspired by the world of SyFy's Caprica ( curated by XLR8R, Pitchfork and Create Digital Music. Processing sound sources ranging from water and leaves to giant turkeys and pigs' breathing, Devine layered spectral analysis, morphing, granular processing, and FM synthesis to create a "roller-coaster ride of audio frequency dynamics". For more details and photos, see: Devine also mentions his Kyma set up in his video with Electronic Musician (EM):

Sound Cloaking Device
Jose Sanchez-Dehesa at the Polytechnic University of Valencia is researching the design of materials that can deflect sound waves around an object, acting as an "acoustic cloak". Crystals consisting of arrays of tiny cylinders might achieve this result. Simulations showed that 200 layers of this material could act as a noise shield. Thinner stacks could be tuned to specific frequencies by varying the thickness of the stack.

Beautiful Catastrophes in Dallas
Austin-based composer William H. Meadows utilized OSCulator ( to connect multiple Nintendo Wiimotes to Kyma for a 15 January 2010 performance of The Butterfly Effect and Other Beautiful Catastrophes at the Center for Creative Connections at the Dallas Museum of Art ( Meadows, in collaboration with choreographer Kerry Kreiman and members of the CD/FW dance company, used the Wiimotes to transform dancers' movements into controllers for sounds being generated live in Kyma to highlight the interplay between the physical and virtual worlds. Each performance of the piece is unique, the structure being based on concepts from chaos and catastrophe theory. A reviewer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram described the premiere: ...a fascinating kaleidoscope of sound and movement... It was a strange and wonderful scene. For more details:

Kyma Sound Design/Sculpting Course in Rome
Each semester, Federico Placidi teaches a 20-hour module on Sound Design Sculpting in Kyma as part of the Electronic Music course ( at the Istituto Italiano per le Tecnologie Musicale ( in Rome.

Computer music chronology
Paul Doornbusch has created a fascinating chronology of computer music placing musical and technological developments in computer music along side contemporaneous technological breakthroughs in other fields:

Hear a herd of Paca(rana)s
In August 2009, Symbolic Sound expanded the real-time sound-computing power of the Paca(rana) sound engine by making it possible for Kyma sound designers to chain two or more multiprocessor Paca(rana)s together via the built-in A/B Expansion ports. To the Kyma software, a network of Paca(rana)s appears as a single sound computation engine with multiple processors. Kyma automatically detects the number of available processors and schedules the execution of DSP-intensive signal processing and synthesis algorithms across multiple processors.

Dream Team
Prism Audio's well-regarded Orpheus audio converter ( is now working with the Paca(rana). For a full list of supported audio converters, please visit:

The Raven Faction
Sascha Dikiciyan ( has just released the soundtrack for the Raven Faction in the Sony game called "MAG"; he used Kyma to treat the theme remix.

Check for updates...
Did you know that you can check for free Kyma software updates any time you like by selecting Check for updates... from the Help menu in Kyma? Make sure you are benefiting from all the latest features and improvements. Here are just a few highlights from recent releases:

* Replicator, Prefixer, and Timelines now transfer the properties of the replicated widgets to the new, numbered copies of those widgets!
* SampleCloud now accepts stereo samples
* Annotation now includes options to display text as fly-by help (to save precious Virtual Control Surface real estate) and to automatically include controller mappings as part of the the annotation (helpful reminders during a live performance)
* There is a new CapyTalk message: countTriggersReset:
+ Added a new Smalltalk message: varTimesRepeat: (allows you to repeat a block of code a variable number of times.
* And on the Paca(rana):
-Added support for Prism Sound Orpheus, MOTU 828 mk3 and MOTU Traveler mk3
-Smoothed the Scale parameter of AR and ADSR envelopes so you can use a controller to smoothly modulate the amplitude of a note (tremolo) while it is playing
-New CapyTalk expression for providing a seed to any expression containing one or more random generator(s)

* And many more (see the tweaky for full details)

Zen in Atlanta
The Hassler-Robinson duo (Don Hassler and Dick Robinson) performed a live, free electronic improvisation on September 25 2009 from 7-8 PM at the Atlanta Soto Zen Center in Atlanta Georgia ( Hassler performed on the Buchla 200-E modular electronic music instrument, and Robinson's instrument was the Kyma/Pacarana. The concert was part of a month-long fundraising Arts Festival at the Zen Center, including a performance by the Hallucination Sextet (Dick Robinson, Jerry Cullum, and four virtual performers):

New York to York
Taylor Deupree ( was invited to do a residency with the New Aesthetics in Computer Music research project at York University. Taylor was invited to create a new piece for Kyma-processed gamelan and to hold interviews and discussions on his role in the emergence of the microsound movement.

Recombinant in Barcelona
Thanks to all who participated in the First Kyma International Sound Symposium in Barcelona presented by Station 55 and Symbolic Sound at Niu Espai Artistic Contemporani. Master classes, paper presentations, and concerts were augmented by lively discussions and friendly exchanges over meals and culminating with a night of dancing at the Moog to Cristian Vogel's Never Engine on the Pacarana. USO Project (Matteo Milani & Federico Placidi) posted a synopsis (with photos and tweets tagged with #KISS09) on the USO Project blog ( Video of selected sessions is forthcoming!

Tip of the day
To copy the full path name of a file in order to paste it somewhere else: In the Sound Browser, locate and select the file. In the small info window at the bottom of the Sound Browser, use Ctrl+L to make the window large. Select and copy the full path name (or any other information about the file). Now you're ready to paste!

Music Hall of Fame
On October 20, 2009, composer Scott Miller ( was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame and received an alumni achievement award from his undergraduate alma mater, SUNY-Oneonta ( On the first evening, Miller presented a concert of Kyma-based interactive music (composed and structured improvisations) with clarinetist Calvin Falwell and trumpeter Ben Aldridge and, on the second night, he participated in a concert with atom3, an electroacoustic improv group. He also presented lectures at SUNY-Oneonta and Hartwick College on his music--including a lecture entitled 'Collaboration as Concept'. According to Scott, now that he has a Paca, this was the first time he was able to bring his Kyma rig as carry-on luggage. Everything, including his laptop, fit in a Hardigg Storm iM2500 case.

Shall the TWAIN meet?
Cristian Vogel provided interactive sound for the October 7 2009 opening of Used Abused and Amused by Santiago Taccetti ( and Natalia Ibanez Lario ( at the TWAIN (totally without an interesting name) gallery in Barcelona ( Vogel placed contact mics on black-painted papier-mâché balls suspended from orange cables in the gallery such that, when gallery visitors hit the sculpture, it triggered a grain cloud explosion in Kyma. In this video (, you can see enthusiastic gallery visitors happily kicking, punching, and swinging the ersatz piñatas to be showered with chalk, glitter, and glass beads (and in the background you can catch glimpses of Cristian Vogel, Kyma, Kurt Hebel, and Carla Scaletti who were in Barcelona for the Kyma symposium which started later that week).

Di Scipio in Como
Composer Agostino Di Scipio presented a 3-day workshop in Como Italy (near the Swiss border) with students and professors from the local conservatory. During the final concert, they performed Audible Ecosystemics n.2a (Feedback Study) and n.3a (Background Noise Study), Texture/Multiple (with 5 instruments & electronics), and 6 Studi (for piano & electronics).

Placidi premiere in Torino
Composer Federico Placidi's piece for clarinet, cello and Kyma was premiered in Torino in November 2009. Placidi performed the live processing and Matteo Milani did the sound diffusion using a Jazz Mutant Lemur tablet.


SIGGRAPH Nexus of Art and Science
Submit presentation proposals for computer animation, visual effects, video games, scientific visualizations, real-time applications, very short clips showcasing specific work (such as a model, a shader, or an animation), interactive demos or installations, new and interesting methods for other people to create things:

Workshops on US Law for Artists
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) offers free workshops for musicians and pro bono advice for artists:

Ton aus Strom Composers Workshop
Composer Bruno Liberda leads small groups in creating new musical compositions (and in examining how the process of composing can be applied to other aspects of their lives):

Prize for Digital Musics & Sound Art
The Deadline is March 15 2010:

Four new faculty positions at LSU AVATAR
AVATAR (Arts, Visualization, Advanced Technologies and Research) at Louisiana State University is a university-wide program focusing on the intersections among art, technology and computation, creating new research areas in virtual environments, digital art, electroacoustic music, animation, video game design, scientific visualization and more. There are four faculty openings. For more information, visit:

3rd European competition for live-electronic music projects.
The organizers of this competition are looking for project proposals that demonstrate in an innovative way new possibilities for the combination of instruments and live-electronics as well as innovative use of live-electronics with the composer as a performer:

The 2010 Salvatore Martirano Memorial Composition Award
Eligibility: Any composer, regardless of age or nationality. First Prize cash award of $1000 and second prize cash award of $500 plus performances by the University of Illinois New Music Ensemble in November of 2010 at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts in Champaign Illinois. Additional awards and performances may be given at the discretion of the judges. Deadline: March 15, 2010:

EMPAC Artist & Scholar/Researcher in Residence Programs
EMPAC is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for both its Artist in Residence and its Scholar and Researcher in Residence programs.

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