Dance-tech Core Node: dance-tech projects supported by crucial members of the community!

I am very happy to announce that since February 1st 2017, and other related dance-tech projects have initiated process of developing a collaborative ownership  model involving several important organizations in the field.
These organizations represent diverse approaches and perspectives  on the transmission of dance knowledge, facilitating an exciting and strong synergy that may manifest in new developments and collaborations to support this community.
It is a moment of reconnection and reinvention.
Motion Bank from Frankfurt (Germany) have decided to step in to support directly the transition,  joining efforts with Bates College with direct financial support  covering the costs of server and hosting of and
Here are the words of Florian Jenett from Motion Bank:
"Motion Bank has explored intersections of dance and technology since 2010 building on projects that reach back to as early as 1994. Technology for us is an enabler, an invitation to see more and take new perspectives on an art form that is inherently hard to translate into other domains outside the body. We know Marlon for a long time and have been following his relentless efforts in shaping for this community and hence are happy to now be able to support it."
Dance-tech Core Node:

I am honored that the following people and organizations have expressed interest in participating in this  process as the Dance-tech Core Node:

Scott deLahunta  and Florian Jenett from Motion Bank (Germany)
Kerstin Kussmaul from IDocde/REFLEX Europe (Austria)
Nayse Lopez from festival Panorama (Brazil)
Rachel Boggia from bates College (USA)
Johannes Birringer  from Brunel University (UK)
Matt Lewis from ACCAD/OSU (USA)
Marcela Giesche from Lake Studios Berlin (Germany)
Mark Coniglio from Troikatronix/Isadora (Germany)
Susan Kozel  from Medea Malmo University (Sweden)
Norah Zuniga-Shaw from Department  of Dance of The Ohio State University
Director of Dance and Technology
Jaki Levi from ArrowRoot Media
Jeannette Ginslov Independent artists and researcher (UK)
PhD Candidate London South Bank University 
Lisa Nelson from Contact Collaborations, codirector CQ Contact Quarterly Magazine and director of Videoda
These are the agreements  and basic guidelines for the transition from  February 1st 2017:
1.-Participants of this process must have an active account on and join a group that will be specially created for this process on the same network (dance-tech core node)
2.-The ownership of the and will be transferred  to a group of collaborators of stakeholders.
3.-Motion Bank, in agreement with Marlon Barrios Solano, is the main/first enabler of this transmission of ownership and commits to continue paying the hosting fees and maintenance of all the dance-tech platforms: and  Vimeo starting February 1st 2017
4.-All collaborators commit to keep the content available and free of cost. A donation system is embedded in the platforms and it is  linked to Motion Bank
5.-Marlon Barrios Solano will keep his account in dance-tech,net as Marlon Barrios Solano (network creator);  and will share the moderation/administration privileges until is necessary.
6.-It should be very clearly and visibly stated in the main page sidebar that dance-tech projects are supported by this new collaborative model. All supporters may use of the side bar to show a linkable logo to their websites or dance-tech accounts.
7.-Marlon Barrios Solano will maintain the ownership of projects such as dance-tech interviews and views, meta-academy, meta-medialab, meta-creationlab and will keep using his account for their publishing. It is also offered in this new phase, the possibility that all organizations can use the names and concepts the dance-tech projects.
An excellent start of this new phase!
Please leave questions, ideas in the comment section of this post!

Images: Motion Bank Choreographic Coding Lab #5 Los Angeles 2015 @ UCLA

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