Artistic Residency in México, La Granja Art Center Call for Proposal 2009.

Call for Proposal 2009.

La Granja Art Center is a space for the development, research and exhibition of contemporary art work, and also the promoter of new social dynamics between artist and the community through the Chamaco Project.

The residency program offers a unique opportunity to step outside of daily live in order to work in a stimulating environment, and provides the privacy for focused work while still encouraging community exchanges with children, art organizations and other artist in Mexico.

The Program Committee of La Granja will select from 2 to 4 artists to develop or finish an artistic project. Artist will have different alternatives for the public exhibition of their work. Consistent to the goal of linking the activities of La Granja with the nearby community, guest artists will conduct a working session with the children of Chamaco Project.

all media—visual, literary, performance, interdisciplinary, music, audio, video, digital media
Residency duration:

a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 30 days from March to May 2009.

Deadline for the submission of documentation:

December 18 2008.

Commitments of La Granja and sponsors.

1. During the residency:

Unlimited use of the studio and / or any other suitable space for the creation of the work.
Housing and access to the common areas in the house.
Transportation to and from Mexico City to La Granja.
Materials for the class with the children of Proyecto Chamaco.
One meal each day with Rainbow trout.
Servicios de vigilancia y mantenimiento.
Logistics and publicity.

2. For the exhibition of the work:

The Regional Cultural Center of Valle de Bravo:
Exhibition of either finished or in progress art work in the auditorium or main gallery. Including but limited to performing arts, confererences, lectures, visual arts exhibitions, etc.
50% of the expenses for the installation material for exhibition of visual art work. The other 50% is responsability of the artist.

Legaria Theater:

Presentation of either finished or in progress performing art work. The Legaria Theater will consider the amount of shows (up to three), and will also evaluate paying a fee of $2,000.00 pesos for each performance (around 200 US Dollars), plus 50% of the box office sales, depending on the work to be shown. Publicity.

Los Talleres Cultural Center A.C:

Housing during the days of the presentations in Mexico City.

Exhibition of either finished or in progress art work in the lobby or theater. Los Talleres will consider the amount of shows or time for the exhibition, and will also evaluate paying a fee depending on the work to be shown.

Senior High Schools and Professional Schools of the National University (UNAM)

Presentations in either an auditorium, plaza or classroom. UNAM will consider the number of shows or time for exhibition, and will also evaluate paying a fee to the artist, depending on the work to be shown.

The Program Committee will select the space for the final presentations depending on the format and technical needs of each project.

Artists Commitments

1. Expenses paid by artists:
Mexican artists: a fee of $160.00 pesos per day.
International artists: a fee of $25.00 US Dll. per day.
Transportation to Mexico City
All materials required for their project.

2. Collaboration with La Granja´s project:

2.1. During the residency:

Share their experience with the Children of Chamaco Project (teaching a class, video conference, etc.)
Participate from one to a maximum of two hours per day in maintenance activities of La Granja (gardening, general reparations, trash gathering, black berry picking (in season) etc.) and similar needed labors.

2.2. At the end of the residency:

Submit a written reflexion (three page minimum) about their experience in La Granja
Leave one piece of work made during the residency as a donation to La Granja Art Center. The donated piece is decided upon by the artist and the executive directors.(eg. visual art work, audiovisual o literary work etc.) pieces created specifically to be installed in La Granja are greatly encouraged.
Show results of the project (finished or in progress) in the Regional Cultural Center of Valle de Bravo and at least one of the following: Legaria Theater, Los Talleres Cultural Center, Schools at the National University.
Answer a written evaluation about the Program of Artistic Residencies.

Selection process:

The Program Committee composed of artists, curators and other art professionals, will select from two to four of the applicants

To participate in the selection process each artis should submit either by email or certified mail the following material:

Written propousal including: justification, general and specific objectives, needs and expectations, propousal for the work session with the children of Chamaco project and exibition of the art work (no more than 8 pages)
Curriculum vitae.
Plan to fullfill the compromises required by the program.
Supporting material of their art work in an appropiate format (photography, video, cd, publications, etc.)

The artist can program their residency in one to three time periods. Each artist will be allowed to have a visitor for up to 2 days by paying the expenses generated by this visit.

The final selction will be published by December 25th.

The Program for Artistic Residencies 2009 is co-sponsored by: the Regional Cultural Center of Valle de Bravo, the National Coordination for Dance, Dance Coordination of the UNAM, Los Talleres Cultural Center A.C., Legaria Theater, Los Alevines Trout Farm and La Manga Video & Dance.

La Manga Video & Danza
Contact in México City: Gabriela Medina / Mario Villa / 5563 6433
Contact in Amanalco de Becerra: 01 726 2510107

Send projects to:
Nattier 18 - 301
Colonia San Juan Insurgentes CP 03730
México DF, México

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