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New Business and Creative Models Support Dance Making

I wrote post this morning on Great Dance about Project Paper Trail and their innovative approach to using the Internet for creative and financial purposes. Here's the link to my post:

"Project Paper Trail: A New Creative and Fundraising Model for Dance"

If you are using the Internet in new ways from a creative and/or financial perspective for your dance-making, I'd be delighted to hear… Continue

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Adding a Flickr Slideshows to your Dance Website

I think it's easy to overlook the value of online dance photography as the focus is often on creating and sharing dance videos.

So I wrote a post this morning, "Flickr Slideshows for Dance Websites and Blog."

If you have ideas about using dance photography online for both marketing and creative purpose, please share your thoughts. Thanks!


Doug Fox…


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Kids, New Media and Dance

I wrote a post this morning about a wonderful hip hop dance festival I saw last night at PS 165 in Flushing, Queens.

The program was organized and directed by dance teacher Kathleen Isaac. It was a blast to see the energy and creativity of the children, mostly 3rd - 5th graders.

I'm especially interested to hear about dancers and dance teachers who work with kids and also incorporate new media and technology into their projects - Thanks!

Here's my post: "… Continue

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Creating Furniture from Forsythe's Choreography

I just wrote following new post on Great Dance:

"Creating Furniture from Forsythe's Choreography"

The post focuses on one of the many visualization objects created for the Synchronous Objects project, a joint collaboration between William Forsythe and OSU.

Doug Fox
Great Dance

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Synchronous Objects - A Data Visualization Exploration

Now that the William Forsythe/Ohio State University dance visualization project "Synchronous Objects" is up, I wrote:

"Exploring William Forsythe's "Synchronous Objects" Website"

What do you think about this ambitious visualization project for dance?

Doug Fox
Great Dance

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Introductory Guide to William Forsythe's "Synchronous Objects" at OSU

The web-based "Synchronous Objects" launches tomorrow at Ohio State University. I just wrote the following introductory post about this project on Great Dance:

"William Forsythe's "Synchronous Objects" at OSU Tomorrow"

The purpose of this investigation is to develop new approaches to visualizing the underlying structures of a dance--in this instance, Forsythe's "One… Continue

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How to use Twitter: A Visual Guide for Dancers

In new post, I wrote about the basics of using Twitter:

"How to Use Twitter - A Visual Guide for Dancers"

If you're on Twitter, please follow me so I can follow your tweets.

Doug Fox
Great Dance

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Choreographing Gesture Controls for Interactive Devices

I just wrote post on Great Dance:

"Choreographing Gesture Controls for Interactive Devices"

I'd be very interested in what dance notators, movement analysts, choreographers and dancers think about creating movement vocabularies for controlling the latest generation of gesture-based computer interfaces and devices.




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10 Ways to Engage Internet Audiences with Your Dance-Making

In a new Great Dance Post, "10 Ways to Engage Internet Audiences with Your Dance-Making" I include examples and videos of how dancers and choreographers are connecting in innovative ways with their online audiences.

If you have examples of your own, please let me know about them.


Doug Fox

Great… Continue

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A New Internet and Social Media Strategy for Dancers and Dance Companies

I just wrote post on my Great Dance blog:

"A New Internet and Social Media Strategy for Dance Companies."

I look forward to thoughts and feedback. And I'd also like to know if there are dancers and dance companies who are more or less pursuing the strategy that I describe in my post.


Doug Fox
Great Dance

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Sophie Kahn and Lisa Parra Explore DIY Lasers in "body/traces"

I just posted "'body/traces" Exploring Movement with DIY Lasers and 3D Animation" to Great Dance.

New media artist Sophie Kahn and choreographer Lisa Parra are exploring do-it-yourself (DIY) laser scanner technology and stop-motion 3D animation for their video installation… Continue

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Dancing with Zoetropes - Part II

Last September, I wrote a post "Zoetrope: Creating the Illusion of Movement Through Present Times."

In a new post that I just wrote, I include more video examples of dance and movement zoetropes:

- A video of a traditional zoetrope that feature multiple dance styles.

- A promotional video for an Istanbul film… Continue

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The Best Internet Videos from a Ballet or Dance Company

I just wrote post on Great Dance blog: "The Best Internet Videos from a Ballet or Dance Company."

What are your favorites?

Doug Fox
Great Dance

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MIMS "Move" - High-Speed Cameras and Time Displacement

I just wrote post on Great Dance about a number of examples of dance/movement videos shot with high-speed scientific cameras and others that use different approaches to time displacement.

If you know of examples of other dance/movement videos in these categories, I'd be delighted to hear about them.

Doug Fox
Great Dance

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Putting the "Social" in "Social Media"

I just wrote post on Great Dance Blog about how the Brooklyn Museum uses Twitter to engage with their audience:

"Brooklyn Museum Adds the "Social" to Their "Social Media" Campaigns"

I'm very interested in hearing from dancers, choreographers, new media artists and others on how you are using social media ( Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, photo-sharing and other applications) to engage… Continue

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Watch 50 Dance and Movement Animations

Yesterday, I finished a categorized directory to more than 50 posts on Great Dance that include videos of many different types of dance and movement animations such as 2D and 3D, stop-motion, visual effects, interactive performances and installations, computer games, machinima, live action and CG, motion graphics, visualizations, pre-cinema and many other types.

I'm going to continue expanding… Continue

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Dance Animation Program at Kinetic Cinema

I'm looking forward to curating the February 11, 2009 Kinetic Cinema program at Chez Bushwick in Brooklyn. I will be showing different types of dance and movement animations based on my directory of 50 Categorized Dance Animation Videos that I posted yesterday. (You can follow the links in this directory to watch all of the videos).

The screening portion will be about an hour and the rest of the… Continue

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Are SecondLife Avatars, 3D Animations and Motion Capture Ready for Dancers?

Here's a post I wrote this morning in my Kinetic Interface blog. I look forward to comments, especially from those who have worked with motion capture and 3D animation.

Summary: There are a number of efforts underway to make the 3D animated human form more lifelike. These developments are taking place both in virtual worlds such as SecondLife and with 3D animations initiated… Continue

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Value of Laban Movement Analysis for Interaction Design?

In my Kinetic Interface blog, I'm very interested in the connection among dance, movement, and new body and movement-centric interfaces. I compiled a guide to videos of new interfaces that you can review.

I'm curious to what extent dancers and those trained in Laban Movement Analysis might contribute to the creation and analysis of new body and movement-based interfaces?

Along… Continue

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Random Dance Explores Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

In my latest post in The Kinetic Interface blog, I write about Wayne McGregor's Random Dance and their explorations into neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The primary focus of this post is on "Entity," which premiered at Sadler's Wells on April 10, 2008. I include video interviews with McGregor and excerpts from Entity.

I'd like to learn about other dance projects that deal with… Continue

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