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Misnomer Dance Live Webcast

This Friday, we'll be streaming Misnomer Dance's new work, Time Lapse, live from the Joyce Soho. We hope you'll join us for a great night, a lively chat, and fantastic art.

We're also accepting submissions for video works to show during intermission and before the show. If you have work you'd like to screen, get in touch. Leave a comment or shoot me an email! We're featured on the…


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Collaborators for a ScreenDance Project

15 Variations based on Bach’s Golberg’s will be performed with a live string quartet under the direction of Jeremiah Bornfield at Galapagos on August 24th. The video will be projected during the performance. Due to the tight time constraint, time flexibility to meet and rehearse is crucial.

I am looking for a dancer with a classical modern dance background. The video will be shot in one continuous master shot with choreographed camera dolly movements. The dancer will also perform the… Continue

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Events in NYC this week | DanceUSA, Dance Across the Board, and a performance

This week, there are a few nice events happening.

I'll be at all three, so let me know if you plan to attend.

1. Dance/USA Winter Forum

Upcoming Winter Forum

Human Resources and Organizational Performance

January 30-31, 2009 in New York City

PRICE AND REGISTRATION - Reduced prices! “I fear that our organizations do not give the needs of administrative staff nearly enough attention.… Continue

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So You Think Your Baby Can Dance

A new show, partnering Dancing Babies and their Crazy… Continue

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Dancing Scientists

Dancing Scientists Invade YouTube

YouTube dancing contests not just for dancers....

via ScienceNOW

By John Bohannon

ScienceNOW Daily News

20 November 2008

Six weeks ago, the Gonzo Scientist challenged researchers around the world to interpret their Ph.D. research in dance form, film the dance, and share it with the world on YouTube (Science, 10 October, p. 186). By the 11… Continue

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Time Lapse Dance website relaunches

With the help of many, many people and some great teamwork, I officially launched Jody Sperling's new website : Time Lapse Dance

The original redesign was put together by Paris Marashi, while the site design and content management system was executed by Sam Marx

Jody's upcoming work,… Continue

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Dancing in the Fields : Site Specific Video

via The Clytemnestra Project

I'm spending the first few weeks of June in Skidmore with the Martha Graham Dance Company leading a class in Dance Media.

Along with Peter Sparling, who is teaching Composition during the residency, we shot and edited this video today. The video… Continue

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Dance Away Your Debt

Hi Dance-techers! My friend just sent this to me - I thought it was an interesting project - Let me know if you end up participating!



Performance piece by Alexis Clements & New Acquisition (www.newacquisition.org)


We're looking for dancers, choreographers and/or groups who would like to dance, in any way they like, as… Continue

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Events This June: Net Aesthetics at New Museum and Personal Democracy Forum

via facebook

Convening leading artists, critics and curators, this panel will look at the state of contemporary art engaged with the internet art today. The second in a series of Net Aesthetics 2.0 events, the panelists will explore the newest directions and greatest challenges faced by this expansive field. Panelists include artists Petra Cortright, Jennifer and Kevin Mccoy, Tom Moody, Tim Whidden and Damon… Continue

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This week in Toronto: Soundstreams

This week, I am presenting at Soundstreams' conference, New Models of Distribution: Getting the Music Out

I'll be focusing on developing Presenter Partnerships, and creating opportunities for engagement online and offline.

When: Thursday May 22, 2008 to Saturday May 24, 2008

Where: U of T Faculty of Music, Edward Johnson… Continue

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Dance and Technology class

UPDATE: Here are some links I've put together re: dance+tech. Visit this site for a short-list of what I mentioned.

I'll be teaching a class on dance and technology this week at Hofstra. I'll be speaking about some of my work with Misnomer, dance-tech's work, and work elsewhere.

If you have particularly interesting or recent work you'd like for me to show, send it my way. I'll add it to a list of links for the… Continue

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Bjork's Wanderlust Screening @ Deitch

UPDATE : For those who cannot make it Thursday, there is also screening on Friday at the 3D society.

This March 13th, Wanderlust, shot by Encyclopedia Pictura, will be screened in 3D! The video was choreographed by Chris Elam from Misnomer Dance and features two dancers from Misnomer: Coco Karol and Brynne Billingsley.…


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Flickr Group for Dance-Tech

Please join the dance-tech flickr group.

I'd love to see your work, process, and documentation here, as well as finished pieces.

This will be a nice way to share work with larger pool of people and extend the dialogue.

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