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Live streaming of dance, music and technology collaboration - "Lithium Ferrum", Dartington College of Arts


Experimental music, dance and technology collaboration.

The Holy Mountain, The other side of oneself, Lithium, Ferrum.

Music: Joshua Cottam

Choreography/Concept/Visesthetics: Kate Pāvula  collab. Ali Brady

University Falmouth / Dartington College of Arts / 2011

LIVE STREAMING  :  Tonight,…


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So You Like To Dance? Could You Without Any Music?

Seriously, when there is no music all I hear is the scuffing and dragging of feet and for the youth-fully challenged, some joints popping.  Unless I watch a video of you dancing and the music has been either disabled by youtube or there is simply no sound available.

I challenged you dancers to show me a dance sequence without any music.  Why?  Well, what else can a…


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"Do the Digital"

Follow link below to YouTube Video

UCR does "The Digital"-New Dance Moves

-Cool challenge to anybody: "do an original move"

-Funny to watch folks freestyle to their song:)

I wonder...

my own 'digital dance' = lots of finger movement… Continue

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Zagrebi! Festival, September 10-11, 2010

MAIDA WITHERS DANCE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY performs the multimedia work, Fare Well - The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! with Maida Withers, dancer/choreographer; Steve Hilmy, Electronic Music Composer/Musician; Ayo Okunseinde, New Media Artist at the ZAGREBI! FESTIVAL - ZAGREB,…


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Kesha Concerts

If Lady Gaga is Chipotle, arguably the trendiest gourmet fast-food burrito on Earth, then there is no doubt that Kesha is a frozen gas-station burrito. The kind that you buy drunk though, you have gas on your hands and ends up burning your mouth also, you taste petrol funk for two days. Back to Kesha, although, who Monday night played a sold-out show at House of Blues in front of a sea of what could only explain as sweaty, hearty teens, wailing, howling and acting fake drunk. The rocking pop… Continue

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World Rhythm Bootcamp at New England Conservatory July 18th - 24th, 2010

“Internalizing Music” Using African & Indian rhythm, movement, and recitation

Jerry Leake, Director and Drummer; 
Lisa Leake, Dancer, Vocalist

Sunday, July 18 – Saturday, July 24, 2010

Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 9am-3:30pm
Weeknights 6pm-9pm

NEC Jazz percussionist Jerry Leake and dancer/vocalist Lisa Leake, present their original 3-tiered method of reciting African and Indian drum compositions against a background of stick patterns and basic movement.… Continue

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NITS SALVATGES (WILD NIGHTS) 5th edition - April 23 and 24th, 9pm / CCCB (Barcelona)

Nits Salvatges (Wild Nights) is a research project that invites different artists to visit residual or tangential environments that open up new lines of investigation within their own personal evolution.

8 new performances by: Esther Ferrer, Oscar Abril Ascaso, Abraham Hurtado, Colectivo 96º, Elena Córdoba - Cristóbal Pera, Amalia…


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The Antiqcool Reverbnation Music Widget

Land Gigs Quantcast Continue

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DANCERS! online

The project DANCERS! is officially online at

visit the site and browse among 130 2-minute solos of professional dancers all filmed in full HD

We have filmed in Brussels and Paris and are looking to come to other cities throughout the world during this five-year project. Register online for future shootings and as a potential dancer-partner-organizer-sponsor-installation presenter!

Bud… Continue

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Mashable Review : Free Music Monday

Antiqcool : Girl in a Room — Wistful, sad and beautifully spare track with acoustic guitar, vocals and synth.

Free Music Monday

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Making music is a labour of love, making money is a by-product.

In a perfect world we would give all our music away for free and survive on touring revenue, merchandising and licensing income. Alas this is not always possible. In order to eat we have to sell a few CD’s. The good news is that much of our catalog has been released under this creative commons license We have made many Antiqcool songs free to download for a reason, we want you to… Continue

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Interview with Raimund Hoghe: Inner landscapes marked through simplicity

Raimund Hoghe is certainly one of the most intriguing dancer and choreographer in contemporary dance these days. I had an opportunity to interview him in May, during Queer Zagreb Festival, where his company performed ‘Boléro Variations’.

Raimund Hoghe always pushes the boundaries of dance perception through profound and minimalist way of analyzing thingz. The… Continue

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Interview with Jasmina Prolic: Dancer on Sound Wires

Jasmina Prolic’s latest project ‘Julie(t)- duet in absentia’ deals with technology versus body interrelations… elusive moments and impulses between sexes…

The performance she choreographed and performed was collaboration with multimedia artist Hubert Pichot, known for his project ‘Try Me’ Rolling Chair Jockey - RCJ which he had introduced at the… Continue

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Interview with Matija Ferlin: Breaking the forms of movements, soundz, images… with attitude.

…and what brought my curiosity to this young and ‘multi-tasking’ dancer?! It was the sound thing, see. This is how I first spotted Matija Ferlin. More precisely, his subtle taste for electronica, then the Montreal’s post-rock gang around Constellation Records and Public Recordings… and I was totally convinced that something pretty cool and creative lies in his mind…

Matija Ferlin is an interdisciplinary artist from Pula (Croatia), finding his… Continue

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Jackson and our time

I have been reading about the connection and relationship of contemporary dance and pop music development and style history and how they feed of each other. A main figure in it is Michael Jackson who was invited at the age of 13 to teach Fred Astaire the Moonwalk.

Jackson is a very impressive mover which is distilled into this clip!

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European Musicday Anniversary Party in Athens

Call for video entries

EUROPEAN MUSICDAY ANNIVERSARY invites international video-artists to show their work in a celebrating venue that will take place on the 21 of December in Athens, Greece. The video works category includes short videos, music videos, animation, dance videos and video art, that have been completed / released after 1-1-2005.

Closing day for submissions is 17th December 2008

Requirements for Entry

Submissions… Continue

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Michael Una performing at SYNC Fest 08

Michael Una performing at SYNC Fest 08 from Michael Una on Vimeo.

From his Vimeo account:

Michael Una ( of Chicago investigates how vibrating waves of energy and human consciousness interact. He utilizes traditional musical instruments,… Continue

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This Week at Eyebeam: Interactivos? | MIXER | Add-Art

I Believe In by Ai-Chen Lin

I Believe In… by Ai-Chen Lin, selected project for Interactivos? Better than the Real Thing

There’s a party in the warehouse: Would you like to come?

Upcoming events: It all depends on who you ask. Some of us are getting ready for the latest MIXER party…


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