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Dissolving Self: Wearable Technology + Contemporary Dance

Here is the premiere of our wearable tech / contemporary dance piece at the HASTAC conference last week. 

Our clumsy bows aside, we got some good feedback, and I am interested in continuing this line of research where new media technologies can be employed to enrich the affectivity of performative art. 

Would love to get your thoughts on it.



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University of North Texas seeks Interdisciplinary Artist

The University of North Texas (UNT) seeks an accomplished visual artist with exceptional technological expertise and experience in interdisciplinary and collaborative research to join the newly formed Initiative for Advanced Research in Technology and the Arts (iARTA). Research areas may include but are not limited to: robotics/physical computing, wearables, interactive…


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"Do the Digital"

Follow link below to YouTube Video

UCR does "The Digital"-New Dance Moves

-Cool challenge to anybody: "do an original move"

-Funny to watch folks freestyle to their song:)

I wonder...

my own 'digital dance' = lots of finger movement… Continue

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Residencia Fotograma Completo Principal

« La política es el juego de ser y parecer,

de lo real y de lo imaginario

lugar privilegiado de esta fusión de la visión

donde se mezclan lo real y su virtual inmediato »

L’image politique du corps : une stratégie de l’intime

Rachida TRIKI

Fotograma Completo Principal es la pieza en la que estamos trabajando hace un rato. Recientemente ganamos el premio a la creación en danza y nuevas… Continue

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Zagrebi! Festival, September 10-11, 2010

MAIDA WITHERS DANCE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY performs the multimedia work, Fare Well - The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! with Maida Withers, dancer/choreographer; Steve Hilmy, Electronic Music Composer/Musician; Ayo Okunseinde, New Media Artist at the ZAGREBI! FESTIVAL - ZAGREB,…


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OSU Dance Faculty Search: Assistant Professor Video/Media


SEPTEMBER 20, 2010-- OSU Dance is HIRING a VIDEO person for our newest

assistant faculty position. We seek a dance professional who is

actively engaged in a combination of creative activity and theoretical

inquiry with an emphasis on video/film and dance (including but not

limited to dance documentaries, dance for camera,…

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Art.On.Wires Festival Oslo 2010 - day 4

May 13th

After an AMAZING evening with 3 professors playing music for us, a handsome live act by Jacob Korn, amongst others, and a very cosy atmosphere, the next day started relatively relaxed and a bit late. For me at least.

Jacob Korn gave his Abelton live/MAX MSP workshop.



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Art.On.Wires Festival Oslo 2010 - day 3

May 12th

First some pictures:

This day we started the interactive environment workshop with introducing the software VVVV (V4). Two rows of laptops (which have to run windows for using V4) were set in front of a screen to show each single step on it. Valerie Vogt and Marko Ritter were conducting the workshop and walking around to help out with any problem the…

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Art.On.Wires Festival Oslo 2010 - day 2

May 11th

As a festival like this, or maybe every festival, it is always a contact-making-connections-pool.

A possibility to get to know other fields of art/artists which could or do collaborate in order to create new art (pieces).

Along those lines the day yesterday ended in an open space introducing the people who give the workshops.… Continue

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Art.On.Wires Festival Oslo 2010 - daily report - day 1

May 10th

A new laboratory-like festival has been born. In Oslo, Norway. Out of nothing Dr. Alexander Eichhorn ( ) organized a whole festival by himself. Inviting artists (dancers/choreographers, musicians, code-poets, interior designer, visual designer), programmer, nerds as well as students from… Continue

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Larry Keigwin shares his Success Story of Promoting Dance with Video

View our new uploaded video of Featured Choreographer, Larry Keigwin, who shares his Success Story Promoting Dance with Video. Share your comments with us! Stay tuned for more success stories from the panelists from this Information Session at the 2010 APAP conference in NYC.

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Dance Camera West Film Festival - Call For Entries

Early Deadline: December 16, 2009

Final Deadline: January 15, 2010

Celebrating our 9th annual dance film festival, Dance Camera West welcomes dance media in any dance style or genre. Categories include: screendance, movement based film, short films, features, documentary, installations, and interactive dance media.

Dance Camera West’s June 2010 festival will feature an international selection of dance media and special… Continue

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In an effort to promote public interest in dance performance in the city of San Diego, Mina Communications will be producing an ongoing series of dance films with live dance pre-shows. To make these events possible, financial support from sponsors is necessary. Anyone who is interested in helping to generate sponsors will receive a commission for their efforts.

Sponsors who support this campaign will receive ample media exposure through PR and the Advocacy Advertising campaign that… Continue

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Workshop Dance and New Media in Oslo/Norway

Workshop Dance and New Media

‘Performance on the Edges: Physical / Digitial Media Environments’

ke∂ja: dance encounters, involving a number of invited artists and art students from performing and media/design disciplines. The workshop aims at developing and experiencing contemporary methods of collaboration on composition and choreography with multi-media methods of mise-en-scène.

The workshop will demonstrate composition-processes and design/directing for… Continue

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Wand 5 e.V. 23. Stuttgarter Filmwinter - Festival for Expanded Media, Film, Video, New Media, Installation, Performance, Workshop - Call for entries

Wand 5 invites you to submit your entry for the competition of the 23rd Stuttgarter Filmwinter in the categories Film/Video, New Media or Installation.



Contributions to the film/video competition must include a preview DVD or VHS tape (PAL or NTSC). Films and videos submitted to the »International Short Film Competition« can't be longer than 30 minutes.

Submitted films and… Continue

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Zürich: POOL/LOOP 02. - 04. Juli 09

Two Freak-Media Days
Three adventurous Music Nights

Ziel von POOL/LOOP ist die lustvolle und aktive Auseinandersetzung mit zeitgenössischer elektronischer Kunst und Musik. Es wird Krachen, Klicken, Wummern, Dröhnen, Säuseln, Quietschen und Fiepen. Es darf gebastelt, geschnitten, gesägt, gelötet, getanzt, gefeiert und gebadet werden.

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Interview with Marlon Barrios Solano: On Dance-Tech and dance embodiment, part ll

This is a second part of interview with M.B. Solano. Read the first part: Interview with Marlon Barrios Solano: Dancers moved by Technology

Photo: Amelia by LaLaLa Human Steps (c)

Where does your interest in technology come from in your life? You teach contact dance, yoga, zazen, but you are hooked up to… Continue

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Interview with Marlon Barrios Solano: Dancers moved by Technology, part l

In the history of dance only few dancers and choreographers were considered as sort of tech related investigators…

With the expansion of new media art, the wider use of Internet, user friendly applications, multi-functionality of modern age, and the whole DIY scene that has grown up so fast; dancers and choreographers realized that technology could be a new challenging platform for them.

Therefore, they decided to invite… Continue

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Kids, New Media and Dance

I wrote a post this morning about a wonderful hip hop dance festival I saw last night at PS 165 in Flushing, Queens.

The program was organized and directed by dance teacher Kathleen Isaac. It was a blast to see the energy and creativity of the children, mostly 3rd - 5th graders.

I'm especially interested to hear about dancers and dance teachers who work with kids and also incorporate new media and technology into their projects - Thanks!

Here's my post: "… Continue

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