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Zagreb Dance Centre on October 26th, 2009

Dear Friends and Colleagues in Dance,

We are pleased to announce the opening of Zagreb Dance Centre on October 26th, 2009.

This long awaited moment is the highlight of our many years of engaging as Croatia’s primary dance organization and the engagement and endeavors of Zagreb’s contemporary dance community.

This 1500 sq meters of space on the location of an abandoned movie theatre, only 100 meters away from the very heart of downtown Zagreb, is now renovated… Continue

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ZEE: A Rigorous Mindscape; A Hallucinatory Architecture of Light; A Dream Machine, New York City

(October 9, 2009, New York, NY) Exhilarating and meditative, Kurt Hentschläger’s stroboscopic, mind-altering ZEE pushes the boundaries of perception and creates an intense audiovisual journey - complete with hallucination. This is the latest installation by Hentschläger, known for constructing immersive environments that fuse sound, video, performance, and sensory overload. ZEE will have its New York premiere from October 28 through November 15, 2009… Continue

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Dance film BLUMENZIMMER meaning 'Flower Room' in German, depicts a contemporary adult fairytale about a dancer confined to live in a box. In a dilapidated house there lives a small troll-like man that cherishes the moments he opens his box of amber light to reveal the dancer living within the confines of a flower papered box. The protagonist is interrupted by a tall handsome man who arrives to the house to take the box for himself. The handsome man remains in the house while the defeated troll… Continue

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Black Swan is going to Chile and Brazil

Black Swan is going to Chile and Brazil/Black Swan se va para Chile y Brazil.

27 et 28 octobre : Forum Internacional de Dança - Belo Horizonte - Brésil; 31 octobre : Festival Danzalborde - Valparaiso - Chili; 4 novembre : Bienal de Dança de Santos - Santos - Brésil; 7 novembre : Festival Panorama de Dança- Rio de Janeiro - Brésil

Choreography Gilles Jobin

Dance Susana Panadès Diaz, Hildur Ottarsdottir, Gilles Jobin, Gabor Varga

Music Cristian…

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dance-tech.net: Shared movements, embodied knowledge and collaborative creativity in the New Internet

Prepared by Marlon Barrios Solano for the event: "Emergent Global Corporealities: Dance Technologies and Circulations of the Social"

Yale University, New Haven, CC

Using the most advanced social software platforms and rich multimedia internet applications, dance-tech.net provides movement and new media artists, theorist, thinkers and technologists an on-line space for accessing… Continue

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Interview with Aurelien Bory: On stage puzzles and space formulas

During this year's edition of Eurokaz - The International Festival of New Theatre I had an opportunity to interview artistic director of CIE 111 Company, Aurelien Bory...

Aurélien Bory in Zagreb, photo taken from SEEbiz (c)

CIE 111 performed the 'Seven Boards of Skill' which was really… Continue

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Fórum Latino-Americano de Videodança

Fórum Latino-Americano de Vídeodança

Um milhão de amigos

O Fórum é o lugar que todos nós que trabalhamos com vídeodança gostaríamos de pertencer e... oh, surpresa, já pertencemos!

Assim poderemos cantar mais alto. Ver imagens, ouvir sons e conversar com o vizinho, a dançar. E compartilhar um espaço que se constrói junto. Um espaço que se desenvolve e se projeta num intervalo, para o futuro.

Com a alegria que nos faz pensar e partilhar este… Continue

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Free eBook: Social Network Marketing, 12 Steps for Success

I got this one from a friend last night and read it cover to cover. This should help us all get to the next level in regards to marketing on social networks and social media.

You can download it here:

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The end of dvds is near?

Will all exchange of digital materials soon be transacted on-line? It would seem that for all the entrants/producers of film festivals, soon only an address on-line will be necessary. The burning of dvds, mailing them, storing them may all be a thing of the past.

Added by Deirdre Towers on October 7, 2009 at 8:39am — 7 Comments

Prisma Forum video interviews being posted!

Notes on Prisma

interviews conducted by Alejandra Martorell

for Critical Correspondence (movementresearch.org/publishing) and dance-tech.net

A series of short video interviews, Notes on Prisma tries to sketch the experience created in Mexico at the end of June and beginning of July, 2009 for those who were not there (which includes me). Immediately having access only to participating artists who are in New York, I'm learning about the event as I go from one conversation to… Continue

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Conectando Movimientos: Los Medios Sociales y Comunidades Digitales para la Danza (Barcelona)

Octubre 6 y 7 2009

Facilitado por Marlon Barrios Solano/Dance-tech Interactive LLC

Octubre 6 y 7 2009

Ass. Companyies Dansa, Barcelona, Espana.

Net / red Convidat

Password : Cornella




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Tribute to a Friend & Fellow Dancer: Alisha Ross

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Post da propuesta para crear em companhia

Después del encuentro con la RSD eu fiqué muito en la onda de trabalhar en red, de conhecer y jugar más con los meios virtuales de relación, e de não perder contatcto. Así mesmo eu estoy procurando uma excusa para não deixar de falar portugés (portuñol), y de comenzar minha pesquiza respecto ao precesso creativo (o proceso de creação como objeto de investigación).

Entonces pensé en hacer um trabalho a partir da propia ação de escribir, enviar y recibir mails entre amigas (por ahora… Continue

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Free Ebook on Social Networking and Leveraging Social Media

I ran across this free ebook yesterday on social networking and was very impressed by what I learned. The sections on Facebook and Twitter were by far the best.

Here is the location where you can download it from:

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Intensive workshop in Buenos Aires

More info


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Dance-Controlled Music via MAX/MSP

After months of research, we've found a new direction for the future: motion controlled music!

When Cycling'74 discontinued VST support in favor of Ableton Live! integration, we realized we'd have to find a new avenue for development. We looked through thousands of sensor control systems. We were swamped. Then we were delighted to discover Yann Seznec, the Amazing Rolo, who has developed a Wii-based remote control for music looping. Here he is, showing…


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