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Interview with La Zampa

Romuald Luydlin talks about "Spekies" and the artistic collaboration with Magali Milian, both members of the company La Zampa.

Interview done during the residency done at Graner (Mercat de les Flors) in Barcelona in November 2013.

La Zampa is one of the…


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Modul-dance experience. By Leja Jurišić

Summer 2010, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Goran Bogdanovski (Kino Šiška, Slovenia) invited me to present my proposal of a new dance work to dance house partners of the European project modul-dance. He explained me the project and I said yes. The possibility to research, create and tour the piece… Continue

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The creation of "Home for Broken Turns". By Ben Duke

We began the creation of Home for Broken Turns at Station Zuid in Tilburg. We had two weeks in their fantastic studio. It was a new group of dancers so it was a time to meet and explore ideas. To begin a process in a residency situation like this is, I find, invaluable. The process of getting to know each other is accelerated when you are removed from your usual environment and living together in a bungalow in the Dutch woods. I had an idea about a group…


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The Drones are coming ... to a stage near you


Evoking an alternative version of the ancient Greek myth, I-CARE-US is a new interactive digital performance that anticipates a not-so-distant future, where Unmanned Aerial Vehicles will be part of our domestic air space.

Delivering medicine, pizzas or newspapers, as contemporary versions of the carrier pigeon or…


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Congratulations to Student Dance Filmmakers!

Congratulations to the students whose works have been selected to be screened on the opening night of this summer's Screendancefest & Workshop with Simon Fildes. There will be screenings in the main theater and a number of films will be shown throughout the lobby. A special congratulations goes to  EZECHIEL K. NDOLI from Kigali, Rwanda. His film "Vulnerability" received the Jury's Choice Award and he will receive $200 USD. Congratulations to all and thank you for your…


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Kaori Ito: my current Situation

On March 2011 the first modul-dance newsletter included the following text written by Kaori Ito.

"My current situation is that I was in Tokyo and I am in Tokyo and I am in Tokio".

When there was a huge earthquake, I was in front of the sea in Yokohama. The water came up until the limit of the building but somehow it went…


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A cooperation model: a network for trust and collaboration between dance houses

The 20 dance houses participating in modul-dance come from 16 European countries. They all work together through a trans-institutional exchange network in order to support, both innovative and culturally diverse, dance art beyond frontiers.

Modul-dance is one of the projects run by the European Dancehouse Network (EDN), which is the umbrella organization for most of the modul-dance project partners.

The aim and mission of the EDN is to promote and present…


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Modul-dance partners

The 20 dance houses participating in modul-dance come from 16 European countries.

adc Genève [CH] (associated partner)

Art Stations Foundation Poznań [PL]

CDC Toulouse [FR]

CND Paris [FR]

Centro per la Scena Contemporanea Bassano del Grappa [IT]…


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III Encontro Científico da ANDA

(Associação Nacional de Pesquisadores em Dança)


Onde: Salvador/ Bahia/ Brasil



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WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013, Amsterdam

From Andrea Božić, Marijke Hoogenboom, Nicole Beutler

We are happy to announce WE LIVE HERE: An Academy 2013,

a temporary community that offers space for encounters: to work and think together.

It will take place from 8 to 13 July in Frascati WG, Amsterdam.

The core activity consists of two parallel working sessions: Post-Hoc Dramaturgy by…


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Chapbook 4: Emergent Improvisation by Susan Sgorbati with Emily Climer & Marie Lynn Haas, here!!

Summer/Fall 2013 

Chapbook 4: Emergent Improvisation 

by Susan Sgorbati with Emily Climer & Marie Lynn…

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An arts management model: the modular system

In most European countries independent dancers and choreographers lack suitable structures and financial means to develop their creations and promote themselves in front of new audiences.

One significant determinant of quality in dance art creation is the length of time required for the careful preparation and completion of the different phases of the…


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Who are the modul-dance selected artists?

Click on the names to know more about the 52 modul-dance selected artists.

Agata Maszkiewicz [Poland]

Alessandro Sciarroni [Italy]…


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NoBody dance: The Rite of Spring

Since 2008, LARTech is on the way to produce a no body dance film on the music by Igor Stravinsky thanks to grants from SSHRC and FRQSC.

This short dance film (10 min) entitled «CODA, the finale of NoBody dance: The Rite of Spring»  is set on the last part of this music (from phrase 121 to the end) which it aims to commemorate its 1913, May the 29th famous premiere by giving it a .

Motion Captured dance movements represented through various kinds of particles give CODA a XXIst…


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An artistic model: a community of European dance artists

Based on artistic criteria, each modul-dance project partner proposed an artist in the three selection processes that have taken place (2010, 2011 and 2012).

All the proposed artists were invited to a meeting with all the partners and artists in order to present their project and see how modul-dance could support the creative process.

The proposed artists became modul-dance selected artists if more than 3 dance house partners were interested in collaborating in their…


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Globe Trot: Collaborators Wanted!

Filmmakers and dancers —

Filmmaker Mitchell Rose and choreographer Bebe Miller are working on a crowd-sourced dance-film project called GLOBE TROT in which 50 filmmaker/dancer pairs around the world teach two seconds of Bebe's choreography to non-dancers on the streets of their respective lands. (Most people can learn two seconds of even moderately complicated dance steps.) They'll send the footage to Mitchell who'll edit it together into a seamless whole. We're looking for…


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Wooster Group Fellowship, New York City

Wooster Group Fellowship

The Wooster Group offers a one-year, paid, full-time Fellowship to a talented individual who will work with the company in one or more of the following areas: production management, technical direction, stage management, costume maintenance and construction, lighting/electrics, sound, video, and administration.

The individual who receives a Wooster Group Fellowship will work alongside company members in a collaborative environment during…


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Isadora has become an essential resource for creative ingenuity for thousands individual artists, designers, educators, and companies in a variety of disciplines and environments worldwide. Because all patches in Isadora are created from scratch by their user, they are as unique as their creator.…


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What is modul-dance?

Modul-dance is a multi-annual cooperation project with the participation of 20 European dancehouses from 16 countries with the aim to support the artistic development and mobility of independent professionals in the dance field.…


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InShadow Festival Call for Entries | Deadline extended until 31st May

The 5th International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies will be held between 29th November and 7th December 2013 in São Luiz Teatro Municipal, among other theatres, museums, galleries and venues in Lisbon.

We are still looking forward to receive submissions of videodance and documentary to be integrated in our International Competition of Videodance and DocShadow. Beyond those, we’re also accepting performances (solos) and installations. The…


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