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INTERFACING MOTION with Wireless Miditron with the support of its institutional partner Eroktronix is launching the contest "Interfacing Motion with MidiTron Wireless" to support a young active dance/performance artist in his or her initial explorations on interactive multimedia control for live performance of movement. For each of two consecutive 6-month periods,a selected artist will be given a new MidiTron Wireless to be used as an interface in new project… Continue

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This Week at Eyebeam: Interactivos? | MIXER | Add-Art

I Believe In by Ai-Chen Lin

I Believe In… by Ai-Chen Lin, selected project for Interactivos? Better than the Real Thing

There’s a party in the warehouse: Would you like to come?

Upcoming events: It all depends on who you ask. Some of us are getting ready for the latest MIXER party…


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ID the US three-month tour

I will be using a central blog to document my 3 month solo trip across america.

It sort of started a couple weeks ago, but now I'm in NYC wrapping some things up.

To be updated go to the blog xoxo... and if you live along the trip let me know, I would love to meet!

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Events This June: Net Aesthetics at New Museum and Personal Democracy Forum

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Convening leading artists, critics and curators, this panel will look at the state of contemporary art engaged with the internet art today. The second in a series of Net Aesthetics 2.0 events, the panelists will explore the newest directions and greatest challenges faced by this expansive field. Panelists include artists Petra Cortright, Jennifer and Kevin Mccoy, Tom Moody, Tim Whidden and Damon… Continue

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Fast forward (revisited)

This week has been an exciting melange of opportunities blossoming for dance on camera on the internet. This made me think about the article I was asked to write in 2000 about the future of dance films. Will this prediction indeed happen? Below is an excerpt from the article...

"In 2050, when choreographers jetpack to their studios, they will arrive with their warm-up complete, having executed their stretching exercises along the way. The wall-size mirror-- which doubles as a screen… Continue

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STEIM Funding in DANGER! Call for Support!

STEIM is a very important and influential organization with a huge positive impact on the electronic performance field, helping many performing artists to develop alternative ways interface movement and gesture with media outputs. It has developed software, hardware and educational platforms that have allowed hundred of artists from all over the world to experiment with technology with DIY and sustainable approached.

I was able to create… Continue

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DATE: Saturday 31st May 2008

TIME: 9pm-1am

Venue: The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AA

Event Website:

Enquiries TEL: 01316677363 or 07877835295


Short Description: After the successful event in February 08 I AM presents a night of international exposition,… Continue

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This week in Toronto: Soundstreams

This week, I am presenting at Soundstreams' conference, New Models of Distribution: Getting the Music Out

I'll be focusing on developing Presenter Partnerships, and creating opportunities for engagement online and offline.

When: Thursday May 22, 2008 to Saturday May 24, 2008

Where: U of T Faculty of Music, Edward Johnson… Continue

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Random Dance Explores Cognition and Artificial Intelligence

In my latest post in The Kinetic Interface blog, I write about Wayne McGregor's Random Dance and their explorations into neuroscience and artificial intelligence. The primary focus of this post is on "Entity," which premiered at Sadler's Wells on April 10, 2008. I include video interviews with McGregor and excerpts from Entity.

I'd like to learn about other dance projects that deal with… Continue

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In Brazil

here in Brazil (Florianopolis) we did a Performance of Under-score our peace for interactive real time generative software score generator for dance improvisation. It was very well received and new performacens are scheduled in other countries...

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This Week at Eyebeam: Teen Mashup Remix | Project Walkway | Upgrade! + WSF

Benefit auction item: Keith Harring Tank Top (May 16, 1984 Paradise Garage invite)

Benefit auction item: Keith Harring Tank Top found on Craigslist…


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What's the Worst Dance Film Ever?

At the next Kinetic Cinema on June 2nd, choreographer Kriota Willberg will be presenting a hilarious program of the worst dance films in history. To help her compile her list, she is seeking input from the community. Please comment here with your top picks of the worst dance films, and come out to Kinetic Cinema to see what makes the cut!

From Kriota:


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Have Members Explored the Following Topics?

In my new blog, The Kinetic Interface, I'm covering many topics that I think are related to explorations and work of members of

In a nutshell, I'm covering the intersection of dance with movement and body-centric developments taking place in many fields (science, technology, architecture, design, gaming, medicine, etc.).

Here are a handful of posts I've written for which I'd very much appreciate… Continue

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simon morris @ Lemurplex, Brooklyn, NYC

Find more videos like this on

New media artist Simon Morris presented his two interactive skateboards controlling the lemuplex musical bots.… Continue

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dafna naphtali @ Lemurplex 5/2/08

Find more videos like this on

I went to the end of residency show at Lemurplex, and Dafna Naphtali presented a piece for the Lemurplex bots also exploring morse code, online poetry generator and Wii controllers. Very cool and nuance composition! I put here almost the whole performance! Dafna Naphtali is a sound-artist/improviser-composer from an eclectic background of… Continue

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A Great Week for Dance Film Lovers (especially in NYC)

There is a lot of great dance film stuff going on this week!


First, you won't want to miss Kinetic Cinema tonight (5/5) curated by downtown dance fav Levi Gonzalez. Levi has brought out a bunch of friends to share cutting edge dance videos and talk about experimentalism in dance and film. Come see new videodances by Melanie Maar, Sarah White, Theo Angell, Yasuko Yokoshi, Hedia Maron, ChameckiLerner, and much more!

Be one of the first 10 to arrive and… Continue

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Peek to the Design and The Elastic Mind @ Moma, NYC

Find more videos like this on

Short video of some pieces at the Moma in NYC. It was not allowed! Emergent Surface by Chuck Hoberman

Technological Dreams Series N.1 by Anthony Dunne and Fiona… Continue

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Sarah Poulson on collaborating on the Surveillance System

The Surveillance System says Poulson is a physical network of bodies controlling bodies through movement, video, improvisation and sound. "These works exist somewhere between the realms of performance art and dance. They focus on movement as a language of basic human interaction, whether it is through a subtle gesture, a theatrical spectacle, or the placement of a body within a space." says Poulson.

In fact it also represents to many viewers a temporal and iterative dimension to… Continue

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kate Weare@Dance New Amsterdam

I made this preview for kate Weare Company about three weeks ago and they are performing this week in SPLICE at DNA. sharing the program with Deborah Lohse. She got an edge with duets full of raw elegance. They are technically sensual with calculated violence and layered complicity.

I will attend the show this Sunday, This is taste from that informal showing!… Continue

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DNA World and interview with Lois Greenfield!

Find more videos like this on DNA World

Dance New Amsterdam, where I work as a web/new media specialist launched DNA World, a social network open to everybody.

This is from the home page:

Dance New Amsterdam, downtown New York's home for contemporary dance invites you to be a part of DNA World. To see members pages and any content beyond… Continue

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