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Artist in Exile: Anne Halprin and Contraband two excerpts on dance-tech.tv!

Watch two excellent excepts from the documentary Artists in Exile: A Story of Dance in San Francisco. This clip highlights Contraband, a highly physical multidisciplinary dance company active in the Bay Area from the 1980′s -1990′s.

This excerpt from the feature documentary, Artists in Exile: A Story of Dance in San Francisco, highlights Contraband, a highly physical, multidisciplinary dance…


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InShadow Festival ~ CALL FOR ENTRIES

InShadow Festival welcomes works in the genres videodance, documentary, performance (solos) and

installation, running for a total of 9 awards attributed by 6 juries. 5th InShadow - International

Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies runs from 29th November to 7th December

2013 at São Luiz Teatro Municipal and other theatres, museums, galleries and other venues in Lisbon.…


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World Dance Alliance - Americas 2013 Conference & Festival

Both WDA members and non-members are invited to submit proposals for presenting dance works in performance, presenting scholarly research, holding a panel discussion, conducting a class, or leading choreographic labs.

With Evolve + Involve: Dance as a Moving Question… as the focal point of the event, WDA-A encourages broad investigations into the following questions: How is dance evolving in the 21st century? How are we as artists, educators, and researchers engaged with these…


Added by Scott Martin on February 21, 2013 at 4:35pm — 1 Comment

XYZ Telematic Performance by Another Language

Another Language Performing Arts Company invites you to XYZ, an upcoming telematic cinema project created by Company Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic.

XYZ takes place in a Visualization Laboratory, the VisLab Black Box Theater, where the audience will experience 3D projections throughout the performance. Audience members will wear active stereoscopic glasses during the performance to view the 3D projections.

XYZ performances will be held February 22-23 at 7:00pm and…


Added by Elizabeth A. Miklavcic on February 16, 2013 at 3:15pm — 2 Comments

Multimodal Communication: Language, Performance and Digital Media, call for papers, Lisbon

Extended deadline:

February 28th 2013!

1st. CALL for PAPERS

In the framework of the TKB project conclusion (…


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Tuning Scores Laboratory with Lisa Nelson: Intensive–composition, communication and the sense of imagination, France

Tuning Scores Laboratory Intensive–composition, communication and the sense of imagination

7 days in Les Ailes de Bernard

april 25 - may 1, 2013

A multi-sensorial approach to the questions: what do we ‘see’ when we look at dance? what do we ‘see’ from within the dance?’ The scores offer inner and outer communication tools and practices that make apparent the…


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Danc 340 Blog Post 1

The Moebius Strip (2001) by Gilles Jobin




The movement and choreography in this video, while very simple, is very interesting and captivating. The camera work throughout the piece accentuates the sensual and mysterious feeling of the movement. The space that the dance was filmed in is very plain and geometric. There is simply a black floor, with…


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IDN IMAGE, DANCE AND NEW MEDIA 2013, Barcelona, Spain

From 14 to 23 February at Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona

Mercat de les Flors announced the fourth IDN festival, a biannual event whose programme is devoted to showing different ways of building a dialogue between dance, the moving image and digital tools.

This is one of the few professional international curated festivals dedicated to exploring the…


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DANCE 340 Blog #1


The first video that I watched was “Pan- A Contemporary Dance for Film”.  The movement was more so humanistic gestures as opposed to classical dance elements.  These gestures gave the connotation of anger, stress, and anxiety.  The movement was very emotion based.  The choreography throughout the video was repetitious and often used unison. …


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Blog 1

The first video I viewed is called "Lucky Trimmer Tanz Performance Serie 19". It can be found here:


The purpose of this video is to showcase snippets of performance and choreography (shown through a series of solos and duets), rather than to create a work of art in itself. The camera techniques and cuts… Continue

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Blog Post Number One Due 2-12-13


"Pan" a piece inspired by Guillermo del Toro's film Pan's Labyrinth, explored the journey through emotion and experience. An exploration of fear and anxiety, "Pan" used a lot of short and repetitive movements both on the floor and standing. Set in a small abandoned house, the dance took on a eery and fearful tone which was…


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Blog 1



The video that I chose to look at was called 15 steps, and was very interesting because of all the combined effects instead of the just the choreography alone.…


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Blog #1 DANC 340


The first video I viewed was called KAMPA and it was directed by Lucie Mirkova. The dancer's movement was very interesting in this video. Most of the mobility of the movement came from the upper limbs, head, and torso. The dancer only used her legs to bend and walk a few steps. The majority of the movement was in consistent contact with the concrete wall. The dancer's attachment to the wall…


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Blog 1 DANC 340



I found this video to be very interesting because the choreographer and the videographer both appealed to human senses in a very striking way. The dancer was in a small hallway with a barred exit, and although in reality there was plenty of space, the…


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DIES DE DANSA 2012, 21st Aniversary Documentary on dance-tech.tv

From 6 to 9 July 2012 the Festival DIES DE DANSA held its 21st edition with many contemporary dance companies in different venues of Barcelona. We thank to dancers their participation as well as to collaborators and organizations that helped making this artistic and human event happen. Thanks also to all the team and especially to the public, without whom the festival would have no sense!

With the participation of:

Liant La Troca (Catalunya) / James Wilton Dance (Anglaterra) / La…


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"Social Remix" / Marlon Barrios Solano on Interconnectedness

Take a look at my reflection on Marlon's lecture, "Social Remix", that I attended at The Ohio State University last week. I really enjoyed the talk! 

Read the Post on my site, "esho funi"

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Becoming Bodies


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