DansAR 01 &02 & AffeXity updates

AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels

Part of the Re-New Digital Arts Festival 2013, Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2013.
Nov 02 Daytime showing photos here:

AffeXity: Passages and Tunnels

Nikolaj Kunsthal Oct 31, 2013 København
Exposing somatic and affective layers of our urban spaces through dance improvisation and screendance.AffeXity: Passages & Tunnels is a project exploring affect in urban spaces. Dance improvisation and screen dance techniques for video capture and editing are the main artistic modalities. The element of Augmented Reality (AR) lets the choreographies be suspended as hidden layers of media living in physical space and on personal mobile phones. An extra dimension of archived material is added, letting AR be part time-machine part performance of memory. This artwork can be experienced individually, or as part of coordinated groups, or you can see the AR media combined with a live performance.

Susan Kozel (artistic direction & concept), Jeannette Ginslov (video, effects, & concept), Wubkje Kuindersma (dance), Oliver Starpov (dance), Camilla Ryd (images & interaction design), Jacek Smolicki (images & sound), & Daniel Spikol (technical direction)

Many thanks: Anton Van Niekerk/Hatfield for sponsoring airfare for jeannette Ginslov

DansAR 01 & 02 an AR Performance Project, in collaboration with Jeannette Ginslov, Skånes Dansteater Living Archives at MEDEA, Prof Susan Kozel, Prof Daniel Spikol and Masters Students from the Department of Computer Science at MEDEA Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden. 18 Feb-01 March 2013.


DansAR 01 18-22 February 2013 was an AR Performance and Screendance Project in collaboration with four disabled dancers and a choreographer, Melody Putu from Skånes Dansteater. Together with the collaborators from MEDEA it explored movements and choreographies set by the disabled dancers and Putu. Eight videos were shot and edited by the writer, converted to image based videos on Aurasma and later tagged onto the real environment at Skånes Teater auditorium. It culminated in an informal presentation, 22 February, that integrated live performances by the disabled dancers and AR videos.


The audiences using the augmented reality application called Aurasma triggered the tagged videos by moving from one designated spot to the next and then viewed the short live performance besides the tagged spot.

DansAR 02 25 March-01 March 2013, was an AR Performance and Choreographic Project in collaboration with Skånes Dansteater and twenty five dancers from Lund’s Dance & Music Gymnasium, Sweden. The dancers divided up into four teams and learnt choreographies from Putu which they then adapted to their location and concept of their videos. They then shot and edited the short screendance works in locations in and around Skånes Dansteater: the children’s park, the skate park, the entrance to the University and inside the Skånes Dansteater building. They made triggers for the videos and a journey was created for the audiences for the final event, 01 March 2012, that attracted over 50 viewers. The audience was divided into two groups each group experienced a different AR journey, going from outside to inside the building. It culminated in a large dance ensemble where all the students performed the main dance sequence live for the the assembled audience.


The most affective AR outcomes were the ones shot and created by the “Swedish Meatballs” group who created auras at the Skate Park. The five dancers wore their triggers, images of daisies, on their backs, shoulders and held them, so that they moved with them. The one dancer stood in the skate park bowl and lured the audience members into the bowl. Here the dancer improvised, moving his trigger quite significantly. The audience member had to then move in tandem with him, so as to keep the AR video looping on the mobile device. A choreographic moment was born, a mobile encounter took place.


The final event was part of the Living Archives project at MEDEA.


AffeXity Phase 02 Update

6 Malmo Lighthouse Videos: You Tube Playlist

See the blog for the update:

Jeannette Ginslov is Artist in Residence at Malmö University for AffeXity Phase 02

@ MEDEA Feb to April 2012.

Here are 3 videos from the Green Screen Shoot 

Green Screen Shoot Mixed Version AffeXity Phase 02
This is a mock up of what could be possible with the Argon Browser using QR codes to access and elicit embedded AffeXity web clips in the city of Malmö. This video is an attempt to recreate the experience of what the viewer will see when at the "performance" of AffeXity.


Green Screen Shoot 03 for AffeXity Phase 02
17 Feb 2012

Direction: Susan Kozel and Jeannette Ginslov
Choreography: Susan Kozel, Jeannette Ginslov and Niya Lulcheva
Dancer: Niya Lulcheva
Camera, Edit & Fx: Jeannette Ginslov
Set and lights: Brigitta Kontros
Location: MEDEA, Malmö University, Malmö, Sweden


Other two videos: 

Video 01:

Video 02:

Phase 01 Video

AffeXity, a play on both ‘affect city’ and ‘a-fixity’, is an interdisciplinary collaborative social choreography project drawing together dance, visual imagery, and mobile-networked devices. It uses a free open standards augmented reality web browser called Argon running on the iPhone and iPad for the viewing of choreographies embedded in the city of Malmö, Sweden. Short screendance narratives shot in the city area are then edited, focusing on affect and corporeality, and uploaded on Argon. These are geospatially tagged onto certain locations in Malmö, which the will viewers access using Argon on mobile devices, the iPhone and/or iPad.

See AffeXity Proposal Video:

For the final launch of the AffeXity project, videos will be shot in and around Malmö for the performance and uploaded onto the Argon Browser for the viewer to download onto their mobile devices – ipads and iphones. The final AffeXity project will be launched Nov 2012. Several phases have to be undertaken in order to develop the technology and videos.


Screendance Videos Created in Phase 01:


Clip #1 Carlsberg

Clip #2 Ghost Hands

Clip #3 Delicate Passage

Clip #4 Laughing Bells

Clip #5 Red Walls Feet

Clip #6 Red Wall Dreaming

Familiar Stranger – Choreography, Performance and Concept by Wubkle Kuindersma. Direction, camera and edit by Jeannette Ginslov. This was also shot this during the Laboratorium and explored affect and the haptic. It is 11:30 mins long and is a video installation work. It will be featured at the MEDEA evening, on another monitor.



Prof Susan Kozel (currently based at Medea Collaborative Media Initiative, at Malmö University is responsible for concept, artistic direction, mixed media choreography and project management) SK

Jay David Bolter (Professor of Media and Technology, Mixed Environments Lab at Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA) JB

Maria Engberg (Lecturer at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden) ME

Jeannette Ginslov (Independent Screen Dance Artist, Online Producer & Choreographer) JG

Karolina Rosenquist (Medea Collaborative Media Initiative, Malmö) KR

Wubkje Kuindersma (free lance dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen) WK

Timo Engelhardt  (Masters Student Malmö University Computer Science Department: Software Design) TE

Two other students from Georgia Tech are also involved in the project:

Nachiketas Ramanujam and Sanika Mokashi will work on the AR programming in USA

A composer will be found to compose an original sound score. Andrew Spitz is a possibility. He will soon be starting a Masters in Interaction Design at CIID in Copenhagen



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Jeannette Ginslov (Danish/b.South Africa)
Interdisciplinary & Multiplatform Artist [dance|video|stage|screen|internet]

MSc Media Arts & Imaging – Screendance, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Scotland (A1 Distinction) and an MA Choreography, Rhodes University South Africa.

My research and practice is centered around Affect, haptic and digital materiality on several platforms: screen, online and new media.

The Screendance works amplify the visceral, emotional and kinesthetic, the concrete and the digital, using collaborative choreographic processes, a Dogme filmic approach and vertical montage in the edit and post production.

Online I am associate producer for, creator and producer of MoveStream and co-ordinator for I am also the coordinator for ScreenMoves at Dansehallerne, Copenhagen Denmark.

I support my practice by teaching Screendance workshops privately and at Dance & New Media University Departments. I am a Level Two Alba Emoting Trainer, which is a somatic system training the performer to elicit authentic basic emotions through patterns of breath, tension and facial expression.

Presently I am exploring Augmented Reality, Affect and locative choreographies using Argon on mobile devices, iPads and iPhones, with Prof Susan Kozel at MEDEA Malmö University.


My Screendance workshops:
These explore the genre of Screendance – the media and its outcomes.
• Explore dance and camera improvisations, choreographic scores for the dancer and camera, use of formal and experimental ways of shooting, with storyboards and shot lists.
• Investigate the amplification of the kinaesthetic and the emotional, how authentic and concrete experience is captured by the medium.
• Amplify the kinaesthetic and the emotional by the “edit in camera” process and in the timeline.
• Examine how the digital body and affective images become haptic, how these stimulate the audience’s imagination and engage them empathetically.
• The workshops highlight the influence of postmodern dance practice as well as the cinematic genre of Dogme and a non linear filmic practice, with vertical montage.
• The workshop will introduce ideas of editing and discuss the notion of repetition in the edit as a choreographic tool, choreographic affordances and the use of diegetic sound.
• Working in teams the participants will produce a 2- 3 minute Screendance work “edit in camera” dance video or in iMovie or Final Cut Pro.
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Video and film (screen-dance)
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Intermedia collaborations and online/internet artist & producer
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Using Augmented Reality, Artistic Research, and Mobile Phones to Explore Practice-based Learning

Posted on March 16, 2014 at 4:00am 0 Comments

Using Augmented Reality, Artistic Research, and Mobile Phones to Explore Practice-based Learning

Posted on 14 March, 2014 by …


Malabou, Plasticity, and the Sculpturing of the Self - Abstract and link to online doc

Posted on August 19, 2013 at 8:00am 0 Comments

Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies 36.2

Sept. 2010: 89-102

Malabou, Plasticity, and the Sculpturing of the Self

Hugh J. Silverman

Department of Philosophy

Stony Brook University, U.S.A


In What Shall We Do With Our Brain? (2004), French philosopher Catherine



"Birgitte Skands: At rejse er at leve er at danse..." (2013) Dance Doccie by Jeannette Ginslov

Posted on July 7, 2013 at 7:53am 0 Comments


A dance doccie by dance filmmaker Jeannette Ginslov (Teaser)

"Birgitte Skands: At rejse er at leve er at danse..." * (2013)


Original film 52'00.

*trans. "To travel is to…


Screendance Africa (Pty) Ltd company and website launched!

Posted on January 28, 2013 at 4:42am 0 Comments




JGinslov "Bringing Screendance to South Africa" Interview in Screen Africa

Posted on January 17, 2013 at 10:30am 0 Comments

Jeannette Ginslov interview with Mike Aldridge 

in Screen Africa …


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