My name is Christine and I work at Credo Interactive. The company, who created Life Forms and DanceForms.


I came to discover these little gems of software when I was first introduced to DanceForms by a fellow ballet dancer. I am classically trained and started ballet at a very young age. I then studied animation and graduated in film production. I became an animator with a production company in Canada. After many years of animating, I decided to leave the film industry for something a little more stable and it was then that I found Credo Interactive. The makers of the software DanceForms, which I was already familiar with. I started working there about 4 years ago. And now, I find myself here on this discussion site, following a discussion on Credo products.


For this reason, I decided to respond to some inquiries and I hope I can enlighten some of you.

Here is an update to what Credo has been up to!


We recently launched a new version of DanceForms, version 2.0. DanceForms 2.0 inspires you to visualize and chronicle dance steps or entire routines in an easy-to-use 3D environment. For choreography, interdisciplinary arts and dance technology applications. The new added features for this version is that it is now compatible to -Windows Vista, Windows 7 and we have added new body models for choreography. As always we have included the Ballet Moves II from Rhonda Ryman. For those who don't know Ballet Moves 11, it is a complete Russian Dance library, English ballet sequences and a library of Modern Dance content.

The good thing is that we are currently celebrating this new version and for the first time reduced the price for 99 USD. If you already have an older version, you can update it with the upgrade cost of 89 USD

Also a discount for students.



As for Life Forms users-our software is one of the most powerful character-animation package in its price-range. You can create your own animations based on default models or edit motion capture or keyframed character animations from almost any source. The new added features on this version is that it is now Vista and Windows 7 compatible with a new Import/Export plug-ins for FBX, making Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and other 3D applications available.

Also we have continued to add PowerMoves 1 & 2 CD-Packed with more than 750 ready-to-use motions including over 150 motion capture files.

Similar to DanceForms 2.0, we have reduced the price to 250 USD and if you already have a previous version, it only cost 89 USD Also a discount for students!



Please note, for Life Forms the added feature to include the new Import/Export plug-ins for FBX, making Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DS Max and other 3D applications available is a real bonus for animators who use a variety of AutoDesk applications.


For DanceForms users who are mostly choreographers, the plug in is not really useful if you don’t use other 3D applications. The most important add on for DanceForms users, is that it is now fully compatible to Vista and Windows 7. Which eliminates bugs, freezing and crashes on the software.


I hope this clarifies some of your questions. I hope to hear your comments on LifeForms and Dance Forms.  We are trying hard at keeping up with all the demands and needs of choreographers and animators. The more we hear from you, the better we will be able to understand the needs of our customers.


Thank you again for your support and encouragement of our products. You can contact us at info@charactermotion.com or my e-mail at c.amber@charactermotion.com

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