- the emphasis on dismissal by identification and a utilitarian sense of priority in art-philosohpy - i.e how does it contribute? what does it give us? how does it make life new? so much is out there that no one holds the countercultural advantage these days. everything is countercultural and so not countercultural at all in so being.

- false promises rooted in dreams that get swept away with the changing tides - nothing permanent or lasting ever happens today because nothing is valued beyond its ability to be some new idea or new creative tool for us all to use and all are busy creating.

the quantity of these that are produced today and overlooked are evidence of that. we are in a sea of invention and so invention is no longer thrilling to anyone - especially because of technology available to anyone, bleeding edge, everything that is invented can be made closely enough related to everything else that the thing that is invented isn't even new. its muddy waters where all the "individual" is homogeneous.

so it's me dancing with me, like most people are dong nowadays anyway - isolation through constant connection

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Maybe. If we limit it to artists or even just dance artist we live in a time where two girls on on Youtube can get a million hits with a 60 second video and us serious artist struggle to get 10,000 hits. However we don't pay the bills with page views. Yes we all can dance but what is purpose of our dancing when gas prices are so high and people can't afford food. There is so much out there that we can see from high art to trash. I have personally over the past year made and put out in the world over 400 videos. What good has it done? Do more people know who I am, respect my work, or know me as an artist? Perhaps it remains to be seen or perhaps it is just another brick in the wall. We don't need no education.
I agree. I think its interesting that William Forsythe spoke at OSU today - and I asked him about this. His plans - the reason he is working with Norah and half of ACCAD - are to put up a work online that makes the concepts in dance transparent to audiences who are not "expert" or literate in what we are. I think the concept is great although the implementation is where it goes wrong for me. If he is putting this work online, and he is, in an attempt to gain diverse feedback and to increase literacy, as he said today - - - - - - - - - all for the greater purpose of ensuring jobs for younger dance generations (as he said today) - - - - - - - - - how is putting that work online going to accomplish that.

When the reality is that we are shifting the economy to internet providers and network creators.

Do we believe that the "advertising" of working online will actually increase the amount of people who come to see our show? I don't think so. I think they'll stay at home or in front of the computer.

I feel like my world is slipping through my fingers as I type. And that looking for a job in academe my honing my intellectual arsenal - for the sake of support in creating work - is a trap. I will only wind up in front of my computer trying to maintain that job.

Anyway - this post is not about the economy of it all. Its about the breakdown of the importance of the artist - amusement, passing of time, information, and quantity over artist, maker, quality, and longevity. It's a time that I'm not sure I want to live in. It makes me want to go back to Athens and hide in a tree somewhere.


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