Performance and Technology Symposium call for presentations



Venue: Arts and Technology Research Lab (ATRL), Trinity College, Dublin.

Date: Wednesday 23 May 2012

Time: 10h00 to 18h00


Presented by the ATRL, School of Drama, Film and Music (Trinity College Dublin) in association with Dublin Dance Festival.


Call for projects, presentations and papers considering (but not limited to):


  • dance/theatre/performance and new technologies,
  • augmented reality,
  • site-specific projects
  • live streams & networked performances,
  • dramaturgy & technology,
  • politics of access,
  • bio-politics.



The Arts and Technology Research Lab and the Digital Arts and Humanities Programme have come together with Dublin Dance Festival to explore the vibrant confluence of ideas generated by making performing arts in a digitally enabled world.

This symposium is intended to prompt questions and to promote dialogue between dance and performing arts makers and academics in the field of performance research. It is inspired, in part, by the historical avant-garde, whose artists pushed the limits of collaborative processes between music, theatre, dance, poetry, visual art, and architecture. Artists of that time experimented with and adopted the newest technologies of the day thereby reconfiguring our perception of objects and environment. Current creative projects, particularly in the performing arts, continue to push the boundaries of recent advances in communications, audio visual and programming technology.


Our symposium is motivated by the desire to explore the ideas that will shape performance in the 21st century. What aesthetic avenues can be usefully opened up in an era of digitally enabled art practices? What are the politics, ideological concerns and social conditions that shape performance-making where technologies play active partners in creation and performance? How does our ability to augment our reality using electronic means create a new dialogue between real and performed lives, between place and time?

Now, more than ever before, the collaborative nature of the performing arts demands professional cooperation from the diverse areas of science and engineering. Inspired by the power, creativity and community exemplified in projects which bring together artistic and technological invention, this symposium will provoke a multifaceted conversation aimed at increasing critical reflection on where the performing arts can take us in a technologically connected, globally engaged culture.



Proposals for presentations, performance demonstrations, panels and discussions should be emailed only (in .doc/.pdf/.rtf/.odt format) to on or before 1 March 2012.


Proposals should be no more than 300 words (1 page) and should include (or have links to) photographs and videos of your work.


Please also enclose a short biography/biographies for the main people involved.



Event Outline:


Main Theatre Space:

Capacity: 80 persons

Stage Dimensions: 9.7m (wide) X 5.5m (deep)


Presentations & Performances:

The Main Theatre Space at the ATRL (Art and Technology Research Lab, Trinity College) will play host to a series of presentations of and about performances that seek to push the envelope of live arts in Ireland and abroad. Practitioners of an experimental nature, professionals, graduates and students — both domestic and international — will be given the opportunity to present and discuss their work in the intimate setting of the ATRL.


Presentations of work should not last more than 20 minutes allowing ample time for question and answer sessions and feedback. There is no set formula as to how work should be presented; therefore video documentation and photographic slide shows accompanied by discussion are welcomed.


Candidates should consider that talks (max duration 30mins) will take place back-to-back. Due to the tight scheduling there will be very little time for setting up and striking the work. Therefore complicated / technically difficult projects should focus on video and photo documentation.


The focus of the symposium is to generate audience feedback and discussions.



The Digital Arts and Humanities structured PhD Programme is funded under the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions (PRTLI) Cycle 5 and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), in association with Dublin Dance Festival.


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